What Is The Status Of The Gp2x Quake Port?

zodttd posted on Mar 16 2007 at 12:47 PM said:
I believe the gpu940 is working on a Quake port from the looks of their source repository.

It's quake2 in the repository :)
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efegea posted on Mar 16 2007 at 02:32 PM said:
It's quake2 in the repository :)

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anyways. Is there any chance that quake2 will run at a decent speed with the gpu940 helping? I always thought that was neigh impossible.
Hi rixed!

Since this is a dead thread anyways, no worries going off topic...

How's gpu940 been going? By the look of the mailing list things are going well. I've been unable to find time to implement it in my own projects. I've been wondering if it will give improvements over HW SDL when there's only a single surface to be rendered.
Hi Zodttd !

gpu940 is going more and more GL oriented. For instance, I'm about to remove keying and add a better blending support.
Unfortunately I have not much free time ATM, so everything is going very slowly.

About gpu940 versus HW SDL : I never used HW SDL, but like I said on the mailing list concerning supertux, I believe HW SDL is likely to be faster.
I'm leaning to the same conclusion. I think it's definitely a good thing for gpu940 to be focused on GL as 2D operations can be handled fairly well with HW SDL currently. Things might be going slow, but they definitely look like they're progressing in the right direction. Great work.
So we might be getting a decent Quake 2 port soon? Excellent.
And that Yeti engine looks pretty cool: has it been ported to the GP2X since then or is it abandoned? It showed promise.

I know the GP2X is primarily 2D, and I love my 2D and retro stuff as much as anybody, but I'm just about ready to experience some good 3D stuff now!
What I'd really love is a 3D car game, like Ridge Racer or TOCA: surely a 3D racing car game would be less hardware intensive than a 3D FPS? At the moment the best I can get is playing the GT Advance games on Zodttds' excellent Gpsp port.