Why not bookworm?

Unfortunetly there where something wrong whit this, and after reboot when the installer told me to do this only the green light on the Pyra Lid went on, but not the red light on the Power Button, so i decided yesterday evening instead to just put buster back on the Pyra, and this seems to work normal, i just have to apt update and apt upgrade for the last 1 years
Had yesterday not that much luck whit the Resizing Command, maybe it ditnt work that good when you ditnt boot it once? today in break i did resize the one time booted image from yesterday and voila: i can now use the apt update apt upgrade and synapthic for the depencies
I wanted to look for this Linux Software that tells you the details of your system but when i did try to search it i got some whyrd particels on my screen and it dit freece..
So seems like its only usable now for stuff you cant run on Buster, but not as a every day OS..