Wings! Remastered Amiga Edition

Magic Sam

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Aug 10, 2007
Yuzu onsen
Hi all :)

@EvilDragon : I have some comments / questions regarding Wings! Remastered Amiga Edition on sale (but not in stock at the moment) at your shop:

1) The demos you linked to are no longer online:

I'd like to give the MorphOS port a try before placing my order (I'm not sure my iBook G4 will be powerful enough) ;)

2) Both your shop and mention that there will be only 300 copies available (and only 91 copies remaining, according to That site also tells its customers to preorder the game on

What should I do ? Preorder the game on or wait for the game to be back in stock at your shop ?

Cheers, Magic Sam
Thanks for the information about the demo!

I'm taking over the official cinemaware-shop (it will move to as soon as Sven from Cinemaware finds the time.

In fact, I'm even running the production of all of the Cinemaware games now and I have all the boxes, and goodies already lying in my shop :)
The only thing missing are the CDs now. I'm waiting for them to be finished.
Hi all :)

@EvilDragon : I don't know if you have anything to do with it, but playable demos are back on line at :)

I could give the MorphOS version a try this morning and it's working rather well, but my iBook G4 is struggling at times though...

Cheers, Magic Sam
I noticed that it says "in memorian of Mackey" it should probably say "memoriam".