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Jan 8, 2009
Just released WipEout Rewrite for Pyra.

The game is a re-implementation of the well known wipEout released in 1995 for PSX and PC.

To play you need original datas as to avoid possible legal problems i have not included in the package.
Go to the Blog of the author of the rewrite and download (here https://phoboslab.org/log/2023/08/rewriting-wipeout ), once done extract it into appdata/wipeout_rewrite/wipeout directory. Note that the blog post announcing this project may or may not provide a link to a ZIP containing all files needed. Who knows!

The game is running on Pyra in fullscreen at around 150 fps.
Controls are adapted for my taste, but you can change it on the options menu.

If some company (or someone here) think for whatever reason, that this program need to be erased from the repository...please write here or contact me and i'll delete immediatly.

V1 initial release
V2 Updated the DBP with the recent source change that fixed missing pilot icon on menu and add HighScores view and add the option to change camera roll value.
V3 Updated DBP with latest source commit and fixed the runscript, that now (i hope) will not conflicting with other.
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I was really looking forward to this and am glad you could solve the Bus error and other issues with the help of ptitSeb and M-HT :cool:
I was really looking forward to this and am glad you could solve the Bus error and other issues with the help of ptitSeb and M-HT :cool:
Last night was late when i published the dbp...and forgot to mention the big thank you @ptitSeb @M-HT deserve, without their help i could not be able to make it run this game.

Also i want to note that i found a fork of this code that is using a more compatible GL legacy code that is working nice on Pandora (a bit slow but is playable). So most probably i will release also a PND for this game.
It may be that there is something wrong between this dbp and commando wars?

I cannot run wipeut from the menu. But the strangest thing is that if try to use dbp-run-path it executes commando wars instead.

asimov@asimov-pyra:~$ dbp-run-path /media/asimov/SD16/dragonbox/packages/wipeout_farox-
Setting PATH to /mnt/dbp/union/wars_commando_farox:/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/local/games:/usr/games
Setting HOME to /mnt/dbp/union/wars_commando_farox
Updated the DBP with the recent source change that fixed missing pilot icon on menu and add HighScores view on menu and add the option to change camera roll value.

Please test and let me know if it have some strange behaviour.
I will have a look then, maybe thuesday, i had no luck whit the old release: Whether in Bookworm or in Buster, its ditnt even apeared in the Menue,..
Instead of playing around whit Pyra today like i had in plan (also reinstall Jedi Academy) i watched too long the One Piece Anime ^^
Just noted...why the repo is changing file names of dbp ?
When i upload my dbp i usually gave it xxx_v1.dbp and if i made a new release xxx_v2 but when i pubblish on the repo the name of the file is automatically changed in xxx0.1.0.1.dbp (it takes the version number present on .desktop file).
Maybe it's unrelated to the problems some users have ...but don't understand why this change.
I was also confused about this. As you figured out as well, when creating a dbp called "MyApp1.002.dbp" and uploading it to the repository, the then downloaded file will be called "MyApp1.002-1.002.dbp" putting the version number from the .desktop file on it.
I guess, since there's no active developer of the dbp system we have to live with it. So the best way is to not include any version number when naming your dbp file.
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Uhmm don't really know why you have such a error.
Please try to delete also wars_commando_farox in appdata and reboot (well power off and after a while power on as reboot is not wotking) just to be sure.
And please also use the second release of the dbp.

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This is the run.sh script on v2 of the game

#pwd=`dirname $(readlink -f "$0")`
export PS1='\w\$ '
umask 022

cd "$pwd"

echo "--------------------------------------------------------------"
echo "Setting PATH to $pwd:$PATH"
export PATH=$pwd:$PATH

echo "--------------------------------------------------------------"
echo "Setting HOME to $pwd"
export HOME=$pwd

#export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=./

if [ ! -d "wipeout" ];then
zenity --error --width=400 --height=200 --text="wipEout data files (PSX) not found...please download and copy on appdata/wipeout_rewrite/wipeout directory" --timeout=10
mkdir $HOME/wipeout
cp "back/game_data_goes_here.txt" "wipeout/game_data_goes_here.txt"
exit 1

if [ ! -e "save.dat" ];then
cp "back/backup.dat" $HOME/save.dat

gl4es ./wipegame

and this is the one of Wars Commando

pwd=`dirname $(readlink -f "$0")`

cd "$pwd"

echo "--------------------------------------------------------------"
echo "Setting PATH to $pwd:$PATH"
export PATH=$pwd:$PATH

echo "--------------------------------------------------------------"
echo "Setting HOME to $pwd"
export HOME=$pwd
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=./lib

gl4es ./wars-commando-opengl

if someone more expert could explain why....i'll be gratefull
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from https://pyra-handheld.com/boards/threads/a-possible-pnd-system-replacement.74709/post-1312369
On the matter of avoiding collisions, I suggest a helpful predictable name (say, name of the game) and if a collision is plausable (also available in debian repo, etc) then suffix with package name or something. There will be machanisms added later to specify packages that cause collisions, both dbp:s and deb:s.

Ok now i understand differently from PND system every DBP needs a different name for the script that run the program(s).
Most probably need to check, modify and re-upload many of my DBP.
Maybe we need to have some best practices for publishing a DBP, maybe have one for PND also in case someone wants to port from Pandora to Pyra or other way around.
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I got some time to test the lat version. Now I can launch the game but I found two major issues.

I cannot map Pyra's face buttons from the option. I can change the configuration and it shows correctly pgdown or home or end. But then in-game thy do not work.

Setting keyboard keys such as (9) or (0) does work. Also the dpad and shoulder buttons dowork.

The second issue is way worse. Once you finish a race and your time makes it to the top10 you are forced to enter your initials. But I cannot find any way to complete this step. It shows the "end" option but it does nothing when hitting intro. Then only option to exit the game from here is killing the process.
About buttons its really odd what you have, i just re-checked on the game (after deleting the save.dat file on appdata) and when changing the buttons they did work on game and correctly saved. Don't really know ..

About your second issue...i never reached this part (i'm not good at this type of games) so maybe it's a part of the remake that is wip.
Looking at the code i think you could use dpad up and down to change letters and press x on keyboard to confirm, select DEL or END (as before with dpad up or down, and press x to confirm) to cancel a letter or confirm and exit.
Please test it...don't know if it right.
Ok so I deleted the save.dat file and tested again.

Default configuration works with face buttons. Although in the mapping both joystick and keyboard columns means keyboard. For instance when it says "x" thurst, it means x character in the keyboard.

I changed the mapping again and somehow I got thurst activated all the time but after closing and opening again it worked with my custom mapping.

Now for the high scores, is also very confusing. You use intro to input letters but in order to choose del (delete character) or end, you must us "x". The character x in the keyboard as you mentioned.

So in the end it seems everything works and it is playable.

I invite everyone to read the blog of the rewrite author. This is not a port of the PC version, it seems it takes resources from several versions and includes his own improvements.

Thanks again @Farox. I hold some feelings to this game. For me this was the first 3D game that really impressed me. It had it originally on my sega saturn and god knows how many hours I spent.