Zelda Classic 2.11 B18 Gp2x 0.3alpha


Mar 1, 2008
Zelda Classic 2.11 B18 Gp2x 0.3alpha is an unnoficial port by Hitnrun, with permission from Dark Nation of Zelda Classic.

This is an alpha release, so it wasn't tested too much, test it and post your results on the forum.

Read the included README.GP2X for a list of observations.



2.11B18 0.1alpha (2008-04-19)
- initial release

2.11B18 0.3alpha (2008-04-21)
- 70-100% speedup, by some optimizations and migration to Allegro 4.3.10plus
- now we have an icon, thanks to Kenney!
- savestates MAY not be compatible because of Allegro version change

Hmm looks like the archive didn't updated yet... must have some kind of approval for updating files.

EDIT: forgot to add to changelog, I applied the blitter initialization fix, for some GP2X that need it, and applied the joystick patch, now start and select buttons can be used.

Now we need, if that is possible in the source, to frameskip 1 ;)

Would be perfect, at 245 Mhz, I'm half speed 30/60 when batteling,

REaly looking forward this game :) [ I'm awaiting it since I've got my F100 ]

Thanks a LOT
Nice speedup, go man go! :) This will be a real gem once it gets a little more polished.
There's more speedup coming in the future (I hope), I am still using a software blitter, investigating how the make allegro use the hardware blitter, which should give a considerable speed up, the drawing routines still uses ~30% of the processing time (on 0.1 it used ~65%).
Nice job Hitnrun, congratulations :)

I want to add to this post a suggestion: Why don't you add to the port a special text file to put the name of the savestates? You can put the names in an easy way, editing the text file in yout computer, you can separate the names by putting a special character as ; or : or whatever...It should be easy to implement. I also know it isn't the best solution (in fact is a crappy one :p ) but it will work.

As I said in my few posts in this forum, sorry for the bad english
Very very very nice :D
I once donated a gp2x for that port years ago... now it's finally happening.
If there's anything I can support you with, give me a call :D
Good speed improvements... a bit more playable now.

Thanks, and keep it up. :)
Now I tried some fastmem-arm arm-assembler routines I found on the net, and now Zelda Classic is running at ~37fps! Wow!

But need to to some more tests to see if it will not break anything.
glad to see zc on a handheld! you are completing its destiny, hitnrun. awesome work. there's some cool quests out there from what i remember. playing the original quests with snes graphics will be fun!
Well I managed to make the Top 1 custom quest (Link to the Heavens) run on the gp2x, it is one of the biggest quests (3mb file size, 100mb on memory).


It is running at 18fps, and uses 2 swap files on the SD, one of 70mb and other with 8mb.
There are still lots of issues yet, it takes more than 5 minutes to load the quest, and I still need to determine if using a swap file like this is too heavy on the SD, if it is I will need to add a disclamier THIS CAN KILL YOUR SD. but, well, now I know it is possible! :D

I was also told by Dark Nation that this specific version of ZC have this bug that hides the top part of the screen when not scrolling, I am seeing if I can get a newer version of the code.