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    Firmware And Mame

    Regarding a case, I grabbed a generic soft-case for (I think) a DS. It was quite cheap and holds the Caanoo snugly, with a little internal pouch for a screen cloth and spare card. I'd suggest taking your Caanoo to a game store and seeing what might fit. You'll find something.
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    Gamegadget. Anyone Seen This? Hoax? Blind optimism? Real?
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    Hello From Ireland

    User name is suspect in itself. It's proof positive that everyone loves the Irish though! :D
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    Mame4All 2.5 - Video Aspect - "border" Option Is Missing?

    Yeah you've discovered the one hardware bug with the caanoo. Every GP handheld had something they screwed up on, with the caanoo it's the plastic bezel that surrounds the screen. It slightly covers it! How they released it like that I don't know, but like I said they did something to each and...
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    If you look around online using search terms like "GP2X Wiz Mame rom set" you might find what you're looking for. ;)
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    Dude well done! :)
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    Wow... The Quality

    I thought exactly the same thing when I got mine - this is (finally) better than the GP32.
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    Bad News

    Sad news! But considering I still play my GP32blu+ and my GP2Xf100 I reckon I've got a good 8 or so years of fine retro gaming left on my Caanoo. To me it's the nicest unit out of GP/GPH so far. Only the bezel puts me off, and I've gotten used to that over time. The Caanoo really is a lovely...
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    Ungp 0.4 Summer Preview

    You'll get the hang of it. It becomes automatic after a while! ;)
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    Ungp 0.4 Summer Preview

    Wow that's running so nicely now, great work! :)
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    Ungp 0.4 Summer Preview

    Thank you Uguru, this is a wonderful emulator!
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    Caanoo / WIZ Race! For Caanoo

    I'd love to see RACE ported to Caanoo. The NGP is a real fun little machine.
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    Caanoo A Great Handheld, Its So Great That I Sold...

    What a great post! I agree, I've had GP handhelds back to my GP32 Blu+, and the Caanoo is the first one that betters that original unit. It's wonderful, and I'm having a ball finding old gems of games on old gems of consoles. :)
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    Outcast Beta Released For Caanoo!

    Wow I've been overseas for a week and when I come back I get this awesome news! It works brilliantly, thank you SO MUCH for this. Stunt Car Racer without Ginge... priceless. :D
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    Current State Of Emulation

    Yes I agree, pretty much all emulators work at or close to 100%, except for SNES. This is common though - even on my PSP and my XBox SNES is not quite perfect. The others we're eagerly waiting for are Amiga and C64. You'll find Ginge helps with some - it makes the Caanoo think it's a GP2X, so...