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    Gp32X Meetup 2004

    Well, I know Toby is still around (Tobriand - int he blue t-shirt in the front), and me of course (beardy in the front)...
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    Gp32X Meetup 2004

    ...any of the guys on this photo still around here??? Man - those were the days :)
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    Last Ninja 2 - The Central Park Cover

    Bah - I thought I may as well see who's still around here. It's been a few years since my last major posting on these forums, and I forgot how much of a laugh it all was, due to the bizarre b*llocks that gets talked around here :) . Real life kind of gets in the way (by way of a new baby girl...
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    Electric Toothbrush Thread

    Heh, man I miss this place :P
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    What's The Best Linux Distro To Use?

    I've always used Ubuntu, but have never stuck with it for that long. Different for me as a MAc user I suppose, but on my PCs, I always end up having to go back to Windows for something or other...
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    A fresh start

    Lummy! I'm still alive - honest!
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    I Could Cry :(

    Just learn by it! I do a lot of photography, and I actually have two backups. Once on an external HDD (once a week) and once a month this gets archived to DVD. Bit of a pain, but nothing compared to losing it....
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    Jeff Minter On Retrogaming

    I'd say that Mr Minter, formerly a great exponent of retro stuff, has decided that he's sick of being associated with the scene. I think that there's a possibility that this is more down to the fact he has a new game coming out, and doesnt want people to think it's going to be a retro-fest...
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    Lunar Eclipse

    Thanks. It was a long, cold night. Clouds almost spoilt it too, but I persisted, and got the series of shots I've been trying to get for about 5 years! Not like you get many chances, and virtually every Eclipse over the last few years has been a washout because of cloud.
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    Price is a big problem with MS operating systems. With the Vista Premium edition being well over £300, it's nto suprising that people are wary. Why can't MS be like Apple, and offer the new versions of their OS for about £80? The last update I did to my MacOS was fairly major in the way of...
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    Happy New Year!

    Happy new year! :D Lets hope its a good 'un!
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    Where do people reckon the best place to go for a non-preorder wii would be? I didnt have the cash to preorder, and now I've got to wait in line for one of the few available on the day...!
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    Amiga Big Bash

    Nope - unfortunately not!
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    Amiga Big Bash

    Right.... Photos! Not too many cos the missus drove off with the camera for half the day! Anyway:- GP2xs on the stall more... flyers :) Craig and Bobsonsirjonny doign what looks like some really dodgy deal :P This is the one craig asked me to use....! ;)
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    Amiga Big Bash

    Hiya all... Well.... I enjoyed it. But. Unfortunately (I think due to short-noticeness of it all), It wasnt as 'retro' as we were hoping. However, what it has done is enabled us to test the waters and see that there's a lot of interest in all things retro, even among the hardcore Amiga...