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    Bluetooth tethering using a phone

    So... Either no-one knows, the people that knows haven't seen this thread, or worse, the people that know have seen this thread and don't know anything else to try. I will hope for the second case and bump this thread appropriately. Since this doesn't have a good outlook, I'm looking at...
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    Bluetooth tethering using a phone

    I’ve been trying to get Bluetooth tethering to work with my Sony Ericsson Z750i to the Pandora. I can make the PANU profile on Network manager but pressing it does nothing. Just to broaden the search the phone is a A2 os (unlocked and with a generic firmware) so phones like the K850, W595...
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    Windows And Ie10 On Arm (Tegra)

    And the years it will take for Microsoft for a release. Besides, you'll have the never ending problem of linux on arm, no old program will work. Hopefully, Microsoft will do it right add the ability for visual studio to compile to both targets completely transparent and effortlessly to really...
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    Anyone Receive Their Tv-Out Cable Yet?

    OpenPandora Ltd. haven't even ordered the cables. Considering the company that manufacture them can only make batches of 10000 cables and that a small percentage of people have ordered them (specially when you sum that both batches once sold and sent can account to a maximum of 8000 cables), I...
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    Port Request: Dropbox

    Sure about that? If I recall correctly after installing dropbox, on first run, Dropbox downloads a service or client to do the actual connection and talking. The only source available is probably the Nautilus integration, which... isn't all that important. I use Xubuntu with its Xfce and dropbox...
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    Looking For A Keypad Replacement.

    After a hellish month with the work and exams I finally received my replacement pandora. Much to my dismay there where yet AN OTHER FLAW on my third pandora. On an outburst of rage I ripped the pandora open (I mean, properly with a screwdriver) and disassembled the thing to check the contacts on...
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    New Portable Console From Panasonic!

    Srsly guys, this thread needs moar specs. :D Though having HDMI output and a high res screen already means at least a beefyish cpu, sadly this doesn't mean anything about the graphic part, the odroid (first gen) had a crap gpu and did hdmi, and perhaps more importantly battery life.
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    Wine Now Supports Arm!

    I don't think Wine have ever been the problem to run complex x86 programs, simple x86 linux programs doesn't run either. The problems came from qemu and its usermode x86 to arm translator that lacks proper support for posix threads, so the big advancement will come from the qemu camp and a NPTL...
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    Reading Pnd Documentation With Arora...

    Arora is kinda the jack of all trades when opening documents, as it can open html files, txt files, jpg files and anything a browser can normally handle. The downside is having to load a fully fledged browser for that. There's been discussion on the hf5 wish list to use a lighter program...
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    What Software Is Missing For H264 Decoding?

    I don't think the decoders will be restricted by any setting, in the sense, hardware decoders are limited due to the fixed hardware and may not support all the features, and the decoders of graphic cards are limited by its memory (watch out not to exceed 5 reference frames at 1080p). If...
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    Support The Team And The Production!

    ^ Agreed, if it works, don't touch it. While slow, it is reliable and predictable. They may start experimenting with the second batch, but then again, the second batch is going to happen right after the first one, so I don't know how much experimenting are they willing to do. Perhaps the third...
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    Pandora Running Windows 95 - Cross-Platform Purpose Testing Only

    You can modify the line maxmhz=1000 at the script to increase the limit. Or just do cat "processor speed" > /proc/pandora/cpu_mhz_max for a manual version. Do you have LodeRunner and Thexder to try? Both are simple plataformers that might not ask all that much. Though LodeRunner might work...
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    Pandora Running Windows 95 - Cross-Platform Purpose Testing Only

    Most likely. The highest clock I've seen at opp3 was from skeezix here present at 900 mhz (how far can you go now at opp5?). Still, I don't this is going to go far. It will be like the people that boot up, windows 95 at the wii (and the mouse was quite usable thanks to the wiimote), that...
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    Cpu For Pandora 2 ?

    So... we just underclock our pandoras to 300 Mhz, and bam, perfect, flawless and fullspeed ps2 emulation. Right? Or overclock to 729 and have perfect Wii emulation, or 733 and have perfect xbox emulation.
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    What Was Wrong With The Old Forum Format

    And while we're at it. What is the purpose of the Hacking subsection. There is nothing in there, you can't post anything in there, and at least there isn't a message that it is private or something. But that is what the Software and Hardware section stand for, isn't it? And what "old" format...