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    Open tickets on imminent order

    Alright, thanks.
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    Open tickets on imminent order

    Source: Should davesha skip the queue so he can work directly on the Pyra? Could you have a look at my Dragonbox Shop accout? There are two older tickets that are still open, and they are about one of the first Pyra orders.
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    Beauty competition.

    Oh, now I get it. I mean it as a suggestion for the default! And by the way (as a general note to everyone), the two pictures I uploaded are actually different, I bunged that up. Check the descriptions, one is with black bezel, the other with black bezel and a partly black bottom. A Link to the...
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    Beauty competition.

    Why would that be?
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    Beauty competition.

    @EvilDragon If you have the time, could you please make these two variants and show them on camera? Or any one with a gray case and a black screen bezel. One is with a black bezel, and the lower half of the bottom part is black, too (but the battery cover is not black). The other is with a...
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    GuiHints for the Pyra

    I'll probably not do it before I have the physical Pyra. But, if anyone who's already working on Pyra software now wants to use guihints, you can contact me by pm or via email at the forum username that I use here at It would help me with the preparation of development to have...
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    You didn't expect this, I guess.

    Personally I'd love a DIY kit.
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    Diskussion zu "Pandora erhalten? -> Bestellnr. hier eintr.!"

    Ich hab damals meine Mod-Rechte an der Tür abgegeben, als ich zum englischsprachigen Forum gewechselt bin. Hat jemand Lust, für mich durch die ganzen posts zu gehen und die ganzen <i> </i> zu löschen? :D Die haben sich beim Umzug dazwischengeschmuggelt.
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    Forenindex - Allgemeine Diskussion

    Ich hab damals das deutschsprachige Forum verlassen, weil ich nicht mehr so viel Zeit dafür hatte und als diese Seite hier kam eher diese besucht hab. Aber der Forenindex hat ja doch über eine halbe Million Aufrufe. Jetzt wo die Foren vereint sind, wollte ich deswegen noch mal fragen, ob ihr...
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    Welcome to the updated site!

    That's right! I remember that. :D I think it's great that the boards have been merged. Following both at no extra cost! How about a French and Japanese section, too? Sometime before the Pyra release, anyway. There's one thing that I think we would want to discuss, these boards now have a...
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    We need more drama. So here's another video.

    Uh, wait.. what?
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    The Game of Likes (Split from some thoughts thread) (Update)

    Oof, finally: The Illinois Artist Behind Social Media’s Latest Big Idea
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    Pandora PNDManager

    @Magic Sam Also, here are links to pndm-uielements and guihints for Pandora - release announcements (or go to )
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    Ask the Dragon!

    The name is Craig Rothwell ( ). He accepted Padora orders from many people, and unlike with EvilDragon, many of those orders remained unfulfilled by @craigix . He also did other things that some people may say could be ... not good.
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    Server Upgrade

    I think this may give you a better idea of what's going on (edit: If we're talking about the webpages):