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    Release [WIP] Master Control - Testers needed

    Some good suggestions. Thanks guys. But not sure if gestures would be that useful.
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    What are you playing this weekend/these days?

    I was looking forward to play DA: Inquisition during the holidays. But after reading about the really bad mouse and keyboard support on PC, I decided not to buy it until this is fixed.  I couldn't play Dark Souls for the exact same reason... So, I guess I'm going with Might & Magic X or Risen 3.
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    Release [WIP] Master Control - Testers needed

    Basically this is by design :) . MC constantly polls several file descriptors to detect events (such as incoming bluetooth connections). But I never noticed that it used that much cpu time. Thanks for pointing this out. A quick test showed that putting a delay of 100 ms between the polls...
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    free PC games (steam)

    Three more Insurgency keys :) All gone!
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    Hello, Just Joined The Community

    Plugin the flash drive and type "dmesg" in a terminal. This will print out kernel messages. The last few lines should be related to the drive. Post them here, so we might find out why it's not working.
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    Munich may drop Linux and return to Windows

    The last words are certainly not spoken yet. Munichs new mayor is complaining about Limux since he took office. Also, Microsoft moves its German HQ to Munich in 2016. I'm pretty sure, this will cause some consequences for the project.
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    Release Little Big Adventure for free

    You can get it for free for the next 17 hours and 47 minutes.
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    How to map USB gamepad for use in MiniMenu and programs?

    Did you try ?
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    Launching Boiling Steam, a New Website dedicated to PC Linux Gaming

    Nice site, thank you! Indeed, for me the only reason to boot up Windows is to play some games (Dragonage 3 and Witcher 3 are up next). Too bad Valves efforts to bring gaming to Linux didn't work out (yet). But with the new subscription models for Unreal (linux support enabled) and Cry Engine...
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    Release [WIP] Master Control - Testers needed

    I took a look at the descriptor you sent me back then. Found out, that it contains just a bunch of report ids but nothing that describes those reports at all (what regular HIDs should do). Without this information it's not possible to emulate a WiiMote. But as far as I know, there exists a...
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    Release [WIP] Master Control - Testers needed

    Yeah I'm here :) Sorry, been very busy the last months. But I'm currently working on MC again. My main task atm is adding device forwarding and usb over ip. Unfortunately, this turned out to be a bit more complex than I originally thought, so I had to redesign a good part of the internals...
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    Ring Runner FOTS.. pay what you want 15th - 18th Oct

    Looks really interesting. If it had Linux support, I'd buy it immediately.
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    How 2 map keyboard to jopad

    You can use QJoypad for this purpose.
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    The Universe in a Nutshell

    Yeah, Harald Lesch is the German Michio Kaku :) I remember him getting a bit furious in "Alpha Centauri" when he was talking about the string theory. He seems not to be a follower of that 11-dimensions-thing... (at least wasn't back that time)
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    The Universe in a Nutshell

    I've seen many documentations about astronomy and astrophysics and still wonder if there is only one without Michio Kaku :)