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    Pyra and Brexit

    Thank you ED. I had been wondering about this. Hearing all sorts of new barriers due to this stupidity.
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    A case of polls!

    Hrm, getting a bit concerned I've not received anything. Dark chrome for me :)
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    Analyzing 4GB RAM

    I think most of us would switch to 2GB if it gets things moving. I'm hoping you'll be working on a new CPU board in the next couple of years anyway :-) In which case, we don't keep the RAM anyway.
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    Nintendo Switch

    I'm of two minds about the Switch. I think it definitely has more potential than the Wii U, and even the Wii. However, the market has moved on quite a lot in the time since Nintendo's last success. The positioning of this console is neither at the sweet spot on price, nor with enough killer...
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    Release Postal

    How awesome are you ptitSeb! Delivered before anyone else. You and the Pandora community are the reason I buy these GOG games you know :-) Thank you.
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    Free - Postage Only: UK Dreamcast (2x Controllers, Power and AV Cable)

    Hi everyone, given that Faust was the first to reply, I think Faust should be the owner of the Dreamcast :-) Although, I would love more than 1 of you to benefit from this if at all possible. Would be open to sending the suitcase separately to another user, but Aether given your location you...
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    Free - Postage Only: UK Dreamcast (2x Controllers, Power and AV Cable)

    Actually you raise a good point. I am sure I have rumble packs and VMUs as well. Happy to include. I will only keep my games :-)
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    Free - Postage Only: UK Dreamcast (2x Controllers, Power and AV Cable)

    Will happily ship anywhere, worldwide :-) Just request you pay for your chosen postage method. Still interested?
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    Free - Postage Only: UK Dreamcast (2x Controllers, Power and AV Cable)

    Hello, I'm having a clear out and wanted to gauge if anyone would like to have my UK Dreamcast. I'm willing to part with it just for the cost of delivery to you. I want to ensure it goes to someone who actually would enjoy owning it, rather than potentially languishing uncherished in a...
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    ARM Cortex A73 and Mali G71 Coming next year in products

    Without having done too much looking into the AllWinner GPL violations. I think we should be pragmatic. Okay, we may not be their biggest potential customer, but just like with Western companies who (okay this is cynical) do things like environmental measures and recycling, not because it helps...
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    SuperZaxxon v1.73 - maintenance release

    Thank you Notaz, really appreciate all the efforts an continued updates even after the "this is the last one" release especially!
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    Not everything is as fast as planned

    I think Notaz's and Exophase's comments, and other senior figures in the community, are as always very valuable and important for this. It's important that we don't kid ourselves in the amount of effort and motivation required to finish any of these software projects, and low-level...
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    Total madness!

    How I LOLed You and the team really deserve our trust. Not because there won't be problems, but because you've shown the character to overcome them. Very pleased for the team and the community that this was so successful!
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    Get ready to rumble!

    That and, I think I actually wrote down the wrong time in my calendar when I excitedly saw the news about this last night. That's what a sleepy head gets you! :D I'm very happy to see all the progress, and in my opinion getting these into excited developers' hands is the most important thing...
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    Get ready to rumble!

    154 left apparently after my order. Ah I was a little disappointed, I got my timing wrong. Seemed to have been up for 30mins before I got here. But I'm very happy to put some money towards the cause, ED and the team are approaching this professionally, and even with the risk, that is reassuring...