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    COVID-19 / Coronavirus Pandemic

    the kernel mailing list isn't the place to question the established vaccine science, but the pyra forums are? mRNA vaccines have a lot of promise, and i'm excited about their future. (and also how they've helped with Covid.)
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    WTB: Pyra

    holy smokes, that's a lot to pay for a pre-order. i'm not using my pyra very much at the moment, and will want to buy another in the future if i do part with it now, but would be happy if it was in a good home. you still interested?
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    Playdate - that monochrome handheld with a crank

    some big announcements: retailing for $180, and they'll have a (probably optional/extra cost) stereo dock for charging and bluetooth speakering. preorders start next month. and they'll have a web-browser based game making toolbox sometime later this year... pretty snazzy.
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    COVID-19 / Coronavirus Pandemic

    got my second shot yesterday. only a little PITA -- pain in the arm but now my bloodstream'll finally be able to read Kamala Harris' book
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    COVID-19 / Coronavirus Pandemic

    not sure if you're trying to suggest a correlation between vaccines and death. the real cause-and-effect going on is if we don't get more vaccines to India, there will be a lot more death...
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    The Communication Cube

    i found this terminal file/directory utility and thought it looked very nice, and has intuitive vim-like controls: just needed to install libreadline-dev and then make worked. run with `nnn -e` to allow it to edit files using your favorite CLI editor. not sure if...
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    COVID-19 / Coronavirus Pandemic

    if you always reduce propositions to the most important bits, you can define yourself to be right based on the importance of those bits, and then you're always right by definition! QED in real life, there's no perfect argument, however, and people believe what they want to believe, but usually...
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    COVID-19 / Coronavirus Pandemic

    I would have to look deeper in those cases than a single potentially biased forum posting on each government. what aboutism isn't a valid argument. you are arguing that governments are evil, so we should get rid of them, but you are also saying that people are evil, so your logical conclusion...
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    COVID-19 / Coronavirus Pandemic

    niice, besides the alcohol part. drink in moderation :) you can find examples of towns trying to go full libertarian -- cut down on government, make people pay for their own street lamps, etc. e.g...
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    COVID-19 / Coronavirus Pandemic

    more conspiracy theories, complaints, and suspicions of people's intentions? did GPS and the internet originate ex nihilo? a healthy dose of skepticism is ok, but if you go off the deep end, make sure not to swim towards the sharks. not everything the government does is good, but at least you...
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    COVID-19 / Coronavirus Pandemic

    generally preferable to anarchy the US government gave us GPS and the internet: while of course not perfect, investing in this sort of research is something only governments can do.
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    Dark theme has missing icons for bluetooth, wifi, volume, battery

    not sure why. you can see that it's making room for the icons, but just not showing them. i also needed to install albatross-gtk-theme for it not to complain about some missing features, but the icons don't work before or after install (including a reboot). what it should look like in the...
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    COVID-19 / Coronavirus Pandemic

    yeah, an issue is if we don't vaccinate fast enough, the virus will mutate and possibly break through. if it mutates slowly enough, we might be able to beat it, or we can do something like a flu shot every year. unless you're allergic to the stuff in vaccines (very rare), i'd recommend getting...
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    The Free Software Foundation needs our help

    ah, i almost thought this was the Covid-19 thread for a second; you're making a good argument for wearing a mask, social distancing, and getting the vaccine