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    External notification LED(s) via Bluetooth

    There's so much more which could be done! I'm an electrical engineer and getting a graphic touch-screen to work with a bluetooth peripheral is quite easy: You build a Menu with important notifications (Battery Status, USB Port status, Wifi network, bluetooth status, and many more) We only need...
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    A bunch of pictures

    So cool to see the next big thing coming to life.
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    Faulty nub problem coming back

    Hello everyone, Let's start by saying that I love my 2 pandoras and I'm currently writing this post on one of them. I've had this pandora for over a year now and my left nub looks dead, never re-centering itself and loose as hell... So I'd like to consider the options I have: I have to send it...
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    {SOLD} 1GHz Unit for sale. Light Use. Great shape.

    Heavy nice deal here for any potential buyer!
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    Managed to switch my lcd cable

    Yeah, the thing is this is my second Pandora (my other one went to my twin borther) and had an old LCD cable on my new one! Changed the case at the same time, the other one was getting weak at some points! Oh and : Is it possible to buy a Silver Case from
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    Managed to switch my lcd cable

    3rd time since I've got my Pandora. Yay, I'm now kinda good at doing this! Some pictures! And if anyone needs help at anytime, feel free to join me via pm!
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    TV-Out Blurry

    Try tv-out on an Old cathodic tv. I've got one and the picture is crisp and sharp
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    c't writes article about Pandora

    Picture / link please?
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    Mupen64 sources release

    that's sad to hear mate... Still, nice job done from you, thanks.
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    God Speed Neil Armstrong

    +1, that guy, followed byu Buzz Aldrin and the rest of Appolo, wrote history.
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    Guide for replacing plastic case + LCD cable

    I can help : changed my case 3 times, swappping the case and the lcd cable!
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    Nubs on new pandora don't work right

    Have you tried reflashing the firmware?
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    Backlighting / Power Management issues

    First of all, update your OS to the latest one : SuperZaxxon Final 1.51
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    Cracks in black CC version Pandora case: warranty after 18 months?

    Actually, the ''black case'' revision was weaker at some point near the hinge and on the lid beside the speakers. I know that the new ''silver'' revision has got a stronger plastic mix, making it more solid. If you're not afraid, changing the case is quite easy. I did it twice with my pandora...