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    Yeah I was following closely when they were testing with the 2500U, the intel chip is definitely better and easier to integrate but the ryzen 4000 apus are even better, from the looks of it, it was rather difficult for them to figure out power management with the embedded ryzen parts. I'll look...
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    I ordered mine, it's finally a decent low/no compromise machine.
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    Gaming results on the new Intel Bay Trail playlist of games that run on baytrail,
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    the vivaldi lives!?
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    Potential X86 (Non ARM) SoC Alternatives

    a playlist for what the atom can do
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    Is there any gamepads made for 7 / 8 " tablets ?

    it should be able to do dreamcast emu...ps2 not very well...
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    soc power draw [rough numbers]

    so I just compiled this quick list of soc power numbers, it must be stated that these all include platform power[ei the other components] and they all have different types and sizes of displays. lower to higher: [perf] rockchip 3188 idle                           - 1.4-5W  |  2.8-8W  max...
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    Some more of my ideas

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    I can almost, with 90% certainty saythat the p2 should use an amd apu!

    samsung ativ book 9 lite with amd a6-1450   under load the asus t100 with atom z3740 can use upto ~12W and idles a mobile optimized tablet...
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    Impractical Pandora-successor names

    pandora presents PARADOX, kinda fancy... "pee to the third" p^3...p3
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    Impractical Pandora-successor names

    pandora.PRO people like the "PRO" branding
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    Impractical Pandora-successor names

    STEAMBOY or STEAMBOX steam machine + gameboy people love steam and steam machines people love the GAMEBOY then again this dependent of x86.
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    AMD Gaming Tablet

    haswel hd4400 will outperform this if this is temash/kabini...
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    AMD Gaming Tablet

    its even less if you plan on upgrading to a newer nvidia gpu!
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    Potential X86 (Non ARM) SoC Alternatives

    impossble to render at 1440p sir, 720p 20-30 at best for source games gameplay videos here here are some videos