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    What did you think sales were like?

    QUOTE]Who in their right mind would buy a PS2 today, with the XBox cheaper and higher spec? True, the GC is even better but the software on it is more kiddie oriented. Yeah, like Eternal Darkness, Metal Gear Twin Snakes, Metroid Prime, 1080 Avalanche, Resident Evil 0,1 and 4, Killer 7, PN 03...
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    ZODIAC 'Pay 2 play'

    They did win against bleem, by causing bleem to build up huge legal fees which they just couldn't afford to pay. It also didn't help with Sony telling game shops such as Electronics Boutique that if they stocked it- Sony would refuse them the right to sell any PS2 games. When Bleemcast was...
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    ZODIAC 'Pay 2 play'

    licensed like Bleem?!? Hehe.. well, Sony managed to shut down Bleem so I don't think they were licensed... ;) I don't think there should be a problem with "shareware" emulators, that is if it's a small amount (a couple of pounds) and it goes directly to the author. That way you're giving a...
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    the so-called "PSX" generation

    The dreamcast is one of the best systems EVER... I've been playing Soul Calibur 1 (after buying 2 on GC) and it still stands up today. Amazing.... Of course, there were a LOT of crappy games for the DC, but as it stands the DC was the last console of it's type- that is based on providing...
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    e-mailing small developers...

    I don't think you would get very far with the larger s/w companies. They're canning some games for the Gamecube as they say the user base isn't large enough. If something with a user base of 10 million + can't get some games developed, then I serously doubt they would pay any attention to the...
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    Neo Geo Pocket Color

    actually here's the links ;-)
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    Neo Geo Pocket Color

    ebgames in the states also sell the NeoGeo Pocket but it's branded as something else (can't remember the name specifically- something like "Handheld Console") Basically it's a NGP repackaged with 6 games for 80 bucks the games are (if I can remember)- Metal Slug, Turf Masters, Samurai...
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    Gender Issues

    man, this is so sad... just because there's one woman holding a gp32 everyone gets excited, I don't know if anyone's told you this (so keep it very, very quiet).. but about half the people outside in the "world" are a "woman"..... ;) Of course, once you've built up the strength to go outside...
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    No New Emulators Yet!!!

    generalmmx- the thing I fear about private WIPs is when they get canned/lost/destroyed privately even thought they've been publicly announced... I would rather not know about a WIP, than be told what is being worked on.. waiting for months... and then nothing happens. This happened so many...
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    No New Emulators Yet!!!

    now onto the negative post... W.T.F. is the story with the actual release of the emulators?!?!?! Now we're being told that they're being released A MONTH AFTER THE COMPETITION HAS FINISHED!!!! I can understand if the authors are wanting to keep them private betas while doing some testing...
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    No New Emulators Yet!!!

    congrats on castaway, it is an excellent emulator... and for emulating a computer, it's very easy to use (probably helps with the Atari ST - like the Amiga- hardly ever required keyboard input!! ;-) ) I'll keep this post positive..
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    This is total bull****! Europe launch delayed

    Virgin have released an MP3 player in the states (which has been getting quite a bit of advertising) playing on the "british cool" of it... and the Virgin brand is increasing globally as a mobile phone network, so it might be a good thing to have Virgin do some of the marketing..... The GP32...
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    Gp32 spain emu competition

    so I take it that the only entries that haven't been released are fMAME and fNES32? I thought there were several entries that hadn't been released to the public??? Man, that's so disappointing... I was hoping that there would be a few more emu's being released for this competition.... I have...
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    Official European release date!

    I agree with Craig, unless they are upgrading the h/w (or releasing it very, very cheap) then it won't stand a chance in Europe... By March the Sony hype machine will be in full force for the PSP and Nintendo are due to reveal their new "revolutionary" hardware at (or before) E3. If the N gage...
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    Gp32 spain emu competition

    I would imagine we'll never hear about the results of that competition.... it's probably Sony running it as part of their "eumlation coder" recruitment drive... ;-)