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    Pandora Cube

    Sounds perfect, if you plan on using it with a different screen 99% of the time (like me). Videos on a real TV, and as a wearable PC with Google on it, or maps, or something. $110 is a pretty dramatic price reduction, and I think it is entirely worthwhile.
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    You Decide If The Pandora Is Right For Me

    Get a Sandisk Sansa for $20-50 and run rockbox on it. Then decide if you need to pay for the ridiculous ipod brand name. (Did I mention that the Sansa supports SD media? And Has any ipod ever supported memory expansion? Thought not.)
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    Good Pc Fighting Game

    Are you aware of Super Smash Brawl on emulation? I think it is playable with Dolphin, in high def!
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    Pandora Cube

    I think it is brilliant, can I assume it would work as a wearable PC if you brought a display and power supply? (and half-moon keyboard, obviously) I don't know how feasible high def would be, or if it would even be warranted (Can the high-def media be decoded? Is there enough power to upscale...
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    Power Connector?

    A great many devices charge through a standard mini-USB port, so it will probably be possible to charge from many cell-phone chargers that use the USB socket. I personally have been finding a lot of "Zip Drive" power supplies that supply 5v @ 2A, I just cut the cord and connect to a USB female...
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    Video Glasses Support?

    There is no question if it will work. It is as simple as emil10001 says, you just alternate every frame with the correct view for that eye. It is mostly done in software, with access to the frame-buffer to make sure that the correct eye gets sent at the proper time. The game needs to be...
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    Screen Protector

    I'm a little confused, most people put a screen protector on a clamshell device? I guess they wear a condom under their chastity belt too. I guess I would too if I planned on using nails as a stylus (don't ask, my job later that semester was to ready 20 styli for those PDA's)
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    Get Hando A Drink!

    Take note people, IF YOU DON'T ALREADY USE THE , for numbers, you have to use it here. AKA: $4,44 Will work $4.44 Will NOT work I perhaps was not clear enough above when I explained it. It is confusing because in the US people use the period to denote the end of whole numbers, although...
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    Should We Move? - Forum Transfer Discussion

    What the hell is an OpenXile?? ( I have a very overpowering urge to change the X to a P before making it my sig, it is already brown, somebody stop me. . . Oh, I am on Windows 7 and would need to download the Gimp again? Ok, spared the toilet humor. . . For now :ph34r: ) I couldn't find...
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    Get Hando A Drink!

    Done. Still in Polish, but I was able to paste it into Google Translate. Any people from the US or anywhere that uses . instead of , for the decimal place. I couldn't specify a cent until I used the , . Kick ass, let's get this forum moving and allow Hando a pleasing libation of his...
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    Noticed Something On Blog

    If you want to be pedantic it is likely a RS-232 port over DB9 connection. A VGA port is a mini-DB15, also it is a different gender, so you really shouldn't be mixing up the the two. Although if you have a link to a video that proves differently I would be glad to see it.
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    Should We Move? - Forum Transfer Discussion

    Nerts I can't donate $2 US to Euros. That stinks. Crap, if I had any money I would probably donate $20. Sorry.
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    Some Gp2x Questions - Level Of Mame Games For One!

    I think the F200 'dpad' (AKA not a dpad) looks dodgy too. I had an F100 and an F100 MK2 (actually a couple of each) and the stick isn't good at all. I would wait for the Wiz, or get an Dingoo A320 and wait for the wiz ;) The Wiz should be quite a bit faster (30-70% Edit, actually I am...
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    Should We Move? - Forum Transfer Discussion

    Well, now that I have calmed down and slept on it. I guess I don't mind these old boards, or the new boards. And I guess I can always check over at Craig or ED's site if GP32x is down, and then find out where all the numbskulls went (sometimes I miss you guys :( ). I just wish there wasn't...