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    The Real Pandora Case/shell

    Hi and sorry, What will be the size of Pandora (width, height and deep)? in milimmeters if you can, please Thank you in advance!
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    The Gp2x Is Dead!

    Well, My GP2X is alive, and I continue enjoying playing (programming) games that not yet I have tested. So, long live to :gp2x GP2X :gp2x :D
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    Monaco Gp2x, First Release - Retro By Design

    Really a nice remake. I can only request you that add a 4 or 5 seconds of immunity when we collide with a car or with the wall. Regards! and keep this good work.
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    Game & Watch Simulator 0.3

    :) This is in the top 10 for my GP2X! Really thank you; I hope you can continue with this great work!
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    Game & Watch Simulator 0.1

    Yeeeeeeeeees! Really very very thank you for this jewel!
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    Stppc2x - The Complete Collection - Beta 1

    Really I love this port. Thank you Ledow.
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    Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection - Net

    :) Really thank you! I'll test today.
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    You need use double "-"... Example: CODE ./ufxi program.dcb --nosplash --speed 150 Regards
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    Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection

    Please continue with this conversion! :( .
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    Gp2x-cap32: Amstrad Cpc Emulator For Gp2x V1.3.3 *ultimate*

    Thank you ZX-81, you did that the GP2X have more value