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    Use Wiz As A Gamepad?

    I remember I could use my gp32 as a windows gamepad and right now I need the same app for Wiz. Is there any similar one available?
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    Psx4gp2x W.i.p.

    Yeah, yeah, yeha, all that stuff's great but, the BIG question: Is 18c running FF7 and CrashTeamRacing nicely?? :D
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    Debian Vs Pimientos 2x 0.1.0

    Yes, I've just readed that in gp32spain xD
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    Debian Vs Pimientos 2x 0.1.0

    Este juego es paliza minimo xD POR DIOS QUITA ESOS PIMIENTOS CUTRES!!!! *Just cannot translate this, almost pure jargon, maybe TAKE OUT THOSE BLOODY PEPPERS FOR GOD'S SAKE or sth like that...
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    Warsong Review For Sega Genesis

    I simply love this game, it has almost the perfect mix of TBS and role-playing, for handhelds. I only just miss more different units and more MP to spend. I've played 6 first scenarios at least 4 times each one during last months, I'm just hoping gp2x MD emulator runs translated 2nd part, bc...
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    The Minigame Project V1.5f

    I liked old version because older icons looked better, less "pixeled" :P EDIT: New mario's sprites looks explendid. And minislug and bumblebee are now more balanced. Thanks
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    The Minigame Project V1.5f

    I've tryed the new version of the menu...and I gotta say that I prefer the old one, w/out "-Rearranged the menu pictures, so no empty pics get showed"
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    The Minigame Project V1.5f

    You've got an e-mail w/ my scores. Thanks for this games, they're saving my gp32 :D I suppose that someone(s) who can do games to add, the loading engine is almost complete...
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    Tomorrow The Release Of Dlwd Magazine #2

    "Efestivamente, soy un tocapelotas xD" what means, "yes, I do am, and I like it a lot". Just joking, what I really like are perfect things (because of that I'm betatester); and even more if the mistake councerns my worshiped king of fighters, that really started in 1994, as devlkore said...
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    Tomorrow The Release Of Dlwd Magazine #2

    I've problems with your PDF whean I read it with FoXIT PDF reader, and fonts appear distorsioned, broken, corrupted or somehow...anyway I can't read'm so I had to use slow Adobe acrobat reader :( Maybe it's too late I say that...but King of Fighters Neo-Geo saga begun in 1995, not in 1991. And...
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    GP32 My Metal Slug Like Game

    I offer myself as a betatester. I've tested some GP32 games beforen (pixpang, Lady Killer...), and I'm testing a GBAx compo game, those are my references... PM me if I'm accepted, thanks. PD: I can also help with a translation into spanish
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    Fighting Fantasy Vns Game V.0.1 Download Available

    OIC, I do know nothing about the VNS 'til now: "VNS (Virtua Novel System) started out as a Visual Novel creation system. Along the way more and more options were added so now it can also be used to build simple games or adventure games." Now I understand what are you trying to do :P Thanks, and...
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    Fighting Fantasy Vns Game V.0.1 Download Available

    Yeah, game's cool, so short xD. How much time did it take to you to create a so-well developed GP32 application? But for next I suggest: - Make a dice/combat animation or somewhat - Include the "how to play", please :P - Maybe a mp3/ogg reproductor inside the game using both paddles R/L? I...
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    Fighting Fantasy Update

    A javascrip aplication to calculate combats in lone wolf (sorry, but once again it's in spanish...) is available in: It's easy to translade: Destreza->dexterity; resistencia->endurance or stamina; nombre->name; inicial->initial...