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    Where to buy a SD card with preinstalled Debian for the Pandora?

    Thank you. There is a fantastic kernel support today on openpandora site. On your pandora, you can run:  wget  ar x omap3-pandora-kernel2_3.2-pandora-r18.5_omap3-pandora.ipk  tar...
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    Where to buy a SD card with preinstalled Debian for the Pandora?

    Hello, For Sheeva plugs, you can order with the machine Debian on SD. It is about 300 mb, and it eases the installation of Debian. I would be pleased that DragonBox could ship with the Pandora an SD with Debian preinstalled either 1) with a server install (300mb) or 2) with a xorg omap...
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    External German Keyboard on Console?

    Hello, I run Debian Stable on the Pandora. Here a pic. I have enabled the g_cdc to plug my USB keyboard on the OTG usb (smaller usb port). It works flawless but I miss the keymap for a German keyboard. Could you please post one? I would load it with Loadkeys. (Btw, do you want my keymap of...
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    Best Game on Pandora in 2013 ?

    Dosbox is the best friend :  dungeon master, Captive,...
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    1ghz vs Rebirth for android games and N64(perfect dark,007)

    007 may have troubles with the emulator n64 emulator. I hope that they fixed it. Mostly joy binding arent working well. 
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    Light Handheld with LCD, Linux and Keyboard ?

    I have just found that the following device has a cool keyboard  and could be a nice replacement to the Pandora, which has not a very comfortable keyboard as  a mini pc (thats normal since it is much smaller): what about this one? One happy owner? Umid Mbook MID / UMPC ...
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    Pandora Distro pre-installed with game pack?

    Hi, On this video, which is a fantastic Ad, shows many many games that can be played on the Pandora. It looks really awesome. However to install all those, it may not be necessarily possible. It would be great that an SD image, pre-installed...
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    SheevaPlug versus OpenPandora as (SILENT) Server?

    Hello, Since years, I own a Sheeva as a file server. I love it since it is very very silent. A wonderful machine. As a server (another one), I am thinking that maybe the OpenPandora could be as well suited. The advantage is that the OpenPandora has a little screen.  The pricing is the same. ...
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    ncurses Personal Information Manager (PIM) for Pandora

    Ha ha ;) Funny because it was also a first dream about data. ;) To have always data, even if no internet. Thus we tried to avoid any synchronizations. So, we decided to invent nCloud. It is not like the stuff you may find on the web. You can link your data with it. The still missing part...
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    Smallest PC in the world?

    Thank you. Currently I am typing my documents, like in the past, on my Psion Serie 5. ;) I have tried, I think, most of all PDA's ;) I got a Zaurus 3100, Psion's, Sharp's, ... and the OP 1Ghz (Pandora). I have surely done a lot lot lot of work with the Pandora, but mostly for C++ coding...
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    Smallest PC in the world?

    "I need a good keyboard to type. " should be a keyboard integrated to the mini notebook so that you can work anywhere and anytime. You take the machine from your pocket and can work A screen of approximated size would be ideal:  140mm x  55mm Many thanks. I check it...
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    Steem -Atari ST- port to Pandora request / Dev complains about Linux

    If you would like to install Debian, since I did it, I may help you anytime.  I did the debootstrap method.  ( you may find my email under contact: )
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    Expert in PDA's keyboards wish for a PSION 5 keyboard

    no no, I have the S3, Siena, and several S5. No doubts the S5 has the best keyboard ever realized on PDA. 
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    Smallest PC in the world?

    Hi, I was thinking to buy another small size PC such as either the EEE PC or the HPC MINI. They mention that they are quite similar  in terms of size and performances: I need a good keyboard to type.  Ideally for me a smaller...