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    Since this project has officially stalled, I'm posting the source code (as is), so if someone wants to pick it up and poke at it, they got no objection from me. I might continue this project at some point, but no promises.
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    Out Of Curiosity... How Much Work Is A Port?

    Short answer: depends. Long answer: Most software isn't written to be portable. Even SDL itself isn't very portable, even though it has been ported to numerous platforms. For software that is designed to be ported, the whole porting process is trivial, 1-2 week thing, regardless of the...
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    Fairly little, been busy graduating and stuff (like )..
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    Price Drop?

    Additionally, the big boys work actively on making new revisions of the hardware, improving integration and figuring ways of simply making them cheaper. How many versions of ps2 are out there, for example? =)
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    Play-asia Coupon - $5 Off A $50 Or More Order

    $5 off $50+ coupon: OV-MZR-IIO (04may08)
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    Wtb: Tapwave Zodiac Charger

    I had to make a new charger for my zod, because they didn't have the international kit available at the time.. it's relatively easy. Buy a charger with similar specs, open both chargers, and solder the wires in. =) (can't remember if there were any more details than that, like which wire is +...
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    Considering that I'll be linking to SDL statically, it's pretty much a requirement.. =)
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    Which Is Faster?

    Depends a lot on the compiler as well as other stuff in your code. Best to profile everything always. Based on my testing with my 8051 emulator, which basically just takes an opcode and then figures out what to do with it, there's little difference. The switch basically compiles into a jump...
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    Startup Problem

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    Not really gp32 or gp2x related, but I figured there are probably some electronics hobbyists around. As my final year project, I wrote a real-time logic simulator. Since it doesn't quite fit any category of software I've done before, it's a bit hard to figure out good ways to spread the word to...
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    What I Needed To Start Deving On The F200?

    If you want to develop in English, you may wish to check out Inform 7 at Playing text adventures on the gp2x may be tad bit difficult without a keyboard though..
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    Game Programming The Old-way

    One huge difference, if we're talking about making games for gp2x for instance - you have a much more powerful and versatile toy to build that game with - namely, the PC - instead of having to write code and compile on the device itself. A friend of mine has done a few Atari ST demos recently...
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    Have been working on track generation for the past few days.. It's a surprisingly difficult mathematical puzzle, in several parts. First bit is that the track is generated using splines. In practice I'm using b-splines for the base track as it gives me nice curves. However, if you start form...
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    Gp2x Cradle