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    Pandora Rebirth Edition for sale here buy it now.
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    Pandora Rebirth edition 32GB card

    And your point is LOL Not that I have to explain myself to anyone but I will , the reason I am getting rid is that I really do not have the time for gaming, too much real life stuff going on and whilst I would love to invest more time in playing games I can't. Obviously there are other...
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    Pandora Rebirth edition 32GB card

    Just not using it at all. paid £375 for premium edition , would let it go for £300.00 ish Also have a Vita 3G i am getting rid of , £200.00 for that.
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    Inside The Box : Issue 3 Poll (Can willing contributors please contact me)

    I have written a review which you can use if you want :)
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    [Rec] Best adventure games

    What about the Sphinx Adventure on BBC Micro , it was bloody rubbish. Though did manage to finish it in one sitting (there was no save).
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    Pandora Apps Some Thoughts ....

    Yeah its fine now , though sadly i think there is something a bit amiss with my touchscreen it feels horrid ... I have calibrated it :( has to be pressed hard to get it to do anything ... any magic tweaks i need to make.
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    Pandora Apps Some Thoughts ....

    So I was very confused , i ended up at Pandora Apps section following the links in the resources section of the forum which took me to the Pandora Apps page where everything seemed a little out of date. I have now found the repo which looks a lot better :) I am running the pndmanager which is...
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    Pandora Apps Some Thoughts ....

    We need to be better at it :) , what is the latest version of Super Geometry Dust ? The one in the forum or the one in the repository. Why do we put pnd files in the forum if we have a repository ? I have been away from this for a long time... and lost track of who is doing what :) Guess...
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    Pandora Apps Some Thoughts ....

    I received my Pandora today and have been browsing the application repository which is great. However there are (at least in the few that I have clicked on) very few reviews of the games and applications which will guide new users to pick good stuff to get going on their Pandora straight away...
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    Development Question.

    Is there a linux VM somewhere that is all set up and ready to go from a development perspective ? I was thinking that this might help people get stuck into coding and worrying less about setting up the environment. Swarm.
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    Faster delivery/upgrade - Craig's orders

    Just thought I would say for those having a lack of faith that these would be shipped !, Hello, This is to confirm your Pandora has been shipped. If you are in the UK you can look forward to recieving your order in the next 24 hours (weekends not always included), if you chose UPS shipping...
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    UK ordering available again for new units

    Just bought one , I had an old unit and kind of lost the faith. Got a PS Vita and have realised how pissed off I am with closed platforms.
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    IMHO You have got to treat your customers as investors and give some regular feedback, even if there is nothing to say it's better than silence. this post helps a lot it takes five minutes a week for somebody from OP to say where things are at, it would help with the cancellations and probably...
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    you know what i agree with you, the team are brilliant , i dont think this thread is anyway having a pop at them .. or on individual cases its more of a generic update thats required. i am sure also that both jacquline and debs are overwhelmed by people asking where is my pandora, where am i...
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    yes of course they have , and i have read them all for 2 years , I was an original pre-order then cancelled exactly because of this issue, so though i am a newbie here i am not a newbie to the scene. the point i make is valid though and i don't understand why OP do not fix it , it would...