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    Release Adventure Game Studio Games

    AGS runtime source code got released! Check their SVN repo.
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    New Sdhc/sdhx Spec Released

    Obviously, this is due to the infamous exFAT crap (funny name, like if it was fat but no more...). Please ban this evil filesystem, is patent encumbered. Don't care about Tuxera, they paid a license. NTFS is pure goodness compared to exFAT...
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    Improving The Wiki

    Good invest of MY time, you mean... Who are you to be so demanding on me? I'm already registered since quite some time and contributed in some stuff. Also, you quoted me in a wrong way. I don't see your point. I added a big bunch of software to the "Port requests" in hope of helping developers...
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    Improving The Wiki

    Will? But it's already released... That render photo is OLD, it needs a proper replacement. Are there some good photographer with a Pandora? The size comparison is a bit cheapo, it could be nice if having a more proper style. The introduction text seems a bit lame and too short, too much...
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    Console Attack; Fix Or Figure Out Fbreader, Here Are The Bins :)

    PDF? I'm sorry to say it, but FBReader not supports PDF format. There are some alternatives here:
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    Internal Cir?

    Hello. Any way to make an internal CIR adapter? Perfect for evil things like disconnecting all TVs near me, or practical stuff like putting TVs in AV mode automatically. If there are someone with electronics skills, a proper electronics schematic as basis for the mod could be very appreciated...
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    Tell Us Non-Sega Genesis Guys What The Best Of Sega Genesis Are :)

    Sub-Terrania is a nice game. Another nice game from Zyrinx (those who game from demoscene to game making, later becoming IO Interactive and making games like Hitman and Freedom Fighters) is Red Zone. This games is into soviet imaginary goodness with tons of communist themeing, of course you are...
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    Wtf? Ok Who Listed This One....

    (go to or click the image for more info)
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    The "port Request" Wiki Page

    I think this thread should be pinned, some moderator doing it please? :)
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    Locomalito: A Great Indie Game Maker (Hydorah And 8Bit Killer)

    Yes, it works now! :) It seems the autor uses Game Maker, there's a tool named LateralGM that converts Game Maker code to C++. There's hope about using this port to port his games :)
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    Locomalito: A Great Indie Game Maker (Hydorah And 8Bit Killer)

    Now I'm unable to access the site at all :(
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    Compcache For Pandora?

    Proper site... Not a new concept, it looks like a modern version of MagnaRAM
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    Locomalito: A Great Indie Game Maker (Hydorah And 8Bit Killer)

    That's the point of this forum post, so people can email him about it...
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    Locomalito: A Great Indie Game Maker (Hydorah And 8Bit Killer)

    No, the point is to find a way to porting it. Giving him a Pandora or some agreement between a developer already having one and him :)
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    Locomalito: A Great Indie Game Maker (Hydorah And 8Bit Killer)

    Hello. Here are two great free indie games that I think should be ported to Pandora. This is the kind of developers that deserve a Pandora, so they can make this platform to be alive and kicking of indie glory ;) Hydorah: A classic shoot'em up...