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    Most Underrated Games

    Been about four years since I posted anything here (maybe more?), but there's an under-rated game that has to be played more: The Charge, and Xbox Live Indie game, in which you fly down a tunnel, trying to fit through hoops in a perpetually speeding craft of some sort. It gets faster and faster...
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    Using Race

    Hallo to everyone, just wondering if anyone can offer me any help with this thingy? I've downloaded the latest version, the one that comes with the selector, but all I'm getting is an error message that says "Cannot access to directory". Is there a specific place where I have to keep the ROMs...
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    Best Ds Game For Adults

    Metroid Prime Pinball is utterly fantastic! Also, try the Legend of Kage 2, and the thing plays GBA games as well, so maybe Gunstar Future Heroes and Astro Boy: Omega Factor.
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    Zeebo Has Same Specs As Pandora

    Wishful thinking, with an ironic slant in case no-one realises: It's made by TecToy, who are SEGA's South American distributors, so... Dreamcast 2 in disguise?
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    Another Mega Drive Compilation

    Yeah, hence the cynicism. I love Sega, but really, this is just lazy.
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    Another Mega Drive Compilation

    Sega are doing another re-packaging of Mega Drive games for us all to buy, yay! This time, you can play them in HD, if you really want to. Forty games, including Dynamite Headdy but not Gunstar Heroes for some reason. I really do think this looks like fun, the only reason for my synical tone is...
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    My New Video Game Review Site

    Well, good luck with that, seems like there's a lot of work going into it, so yes, good luck. I'm not really up for audio reviews, mind, and there's a few images that are broken, but it looks like it could be interesting. A good wide range of systems covered.
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    Is The Sony Playstation Portable Dying?

    Well, I voted "no", but that's only because on a recent search-around for games on the Internet thingy, I found over forty games I'd be interested in playing. The whole lack of region lock-out is always a good thing, and a nice move, even if it's advertised to the contrary.
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    Is A Jaguar Really Worth Having?

    Ditch it, try and get a 3DO instead. Superior in every way.
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    Post Your Console Collections! V2.0

    Well, if it's a Master System II that you got, you should already have the best game for it: Alex Kidd in Miracle World! It's built-in to the main unit. Also, have a look out for Alien3, Wonder Boy in Monsterland, Master of Darkness, Bram Stoker's Dracula, The Ninja, Aztec Adventure and Laser...
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    Older Folks - Favourite Console Ever?

    I always thought the CD-i was fifth generation? Must be wrong. Also, it seems like I skipped the 2nd generation and went straight from first to third.
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    F-200 Help Needed

    Thanks a lot for your help, I'll get onto sorting something out. Such a shame when this sort of thing happens, ah well.
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    F-200 Help Needed

    Ah, thanks for the info there. I don't have a power supply, will I need a GP2X-specific one, or any sort of regular plug thing?
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    F-200 Help Needed

    Hi all, So, I got myself an F-200 off of someone on eBay, and I was having a great time with it, when all of a sudden, I can't get beyond the GPH screen, even with fresh batteries, and both with and without an SD card in there. I figured I needed to re-install the firmware (it was at version...