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  1. mmielke

    FS Pyra and OpenPandora Huge Lot

    Maaaaaan, I was bid sniped with 2 seconds left. Ninja's!!! Congrats!
  2. mmielke

    [WTB] Pandora battery

    Are there any US sources of Pandora batteries, and/or anyone with working batteries that can sell me theirs?
  3. mmielke

    Port Requests

    @ptitSeb Yes, those are all Pandora apps. SRB2 had an update in 2020 as well.
  4. mmielke

    Port Requests

    I'd like to request updates for the following: Armagetron Battle For Wesnoth Bit Fighter Cataclysm DDA Hyper Rogue Seventh Sense Sonic Robo Blast 2 Fabled Lands App Open Arena
  5. mmielke

    What are you doing with your Pandora?

    What are you doing with your Pandora? There are so many games and apps in the repo, that it is tough to choose which ones to spend time with.
  6. mmielke

    Not a volcano... but...

    Well wishes, ED. I'm glad you are ok and you will be back up and going in no time! It's also great that Askarus and Nikolaus are assisting you. :)
  7. mmielke

    Selling my Pandora Classic

    I missed this
  8. mmielke

    What are your favourite handhelds?

    A Gizmondo and a Wonderswan, hey? Still on my wishlist. 1658932975 I grew up in poverty and Tiger Electronics games were like 10 cents at yard sales and thrift shops. I loved them and recently bought a few Vrt-X versions to restart the collection. The Pandora was awesome! I used it all the...
  9. mmielke

    [SOLD] Pandora 1GHz Rebirth Ed

    Is this still available @jabz ?
  10. mmielke

    [WTS] Pandora

    Is this still available?
  11. mmielke


  12. mmielke

    What are your favourite handhelds?

    What are your favourite handhelds and why?
  13. mmielke

    Assembly restart. Software work. And maybe our next SoC?

    I'm glad to see the continued progress. Cheers to the Pyra team and its supporters!
  14. mmielke


    I'm in the US and looking to purchase a 1 Ghz or Rebirth Pandora, preferably with case and tv-out cable.
  15. mmielke

    SOLD: Open Pandora 1GHZ

    @m0tte Any updates?
  16. mmielke

    Even more to see here (now)

    Glitterrific! Soon the Pyra shall be ours! Mwahahahaaa
  17. mmielke

    SOLD: Open Pandora 1GHZ

    @m0tte I am willing to purchase this for more.
  18. mmielke

    From Greece with love.

    Are the cases made of material that can withstand the force of a pallet? I recall mention of a pallet crushing the original set of Pyra cases.
  19. mmielke

    [SOLD] Rebirth Pandora to sell-Need to keep a roof over my head

    It has been and it was shipped today :) Besides issues with the plastic, it runs fabulously. I tried the latest firmware this morning and wish I had more time with it, but alas I will have to wait until later. Pyra will be released then :-)