What are your favourite handhelds?

I'm loving the original 3DS, it's a much nicer size than the XL, and having the full plethora of 2DS and 3DS games and apps to collect and work through is ace.

The 32blit is also quite cool, although I haven't done much with it yet (was hoping to code for it, but haven't found the time yet)
May sound Bias being here, but it's still the Pandora, I have several lifetimes worth of games on it, very good game controls and has great sound. It may not be able to play new titles, but It plays games I like to play. It also can do some impromptu Linux desktop and command line work if needed.
Pandora because it´s the one I have been using most often and which STILL works (the DS doesn´t no more, see below.).
Great D-pad, most versatile, DosBox with keyboard over the usual 8- and 16-bit suspects it also emulates VirtualBoy (use red-grren glasses) and Jaguar and WonderSwan well - I loved that!
Close number second is the Atari Lynx. "Won" it in 2010, so many lovely homebrews exist, great form factor, great history,
Nintendo DS used most often.
Love the Wiz, too: second best emu handheld of that generation IMO (as in most versatile, after Pandora and before PSP).
Gaming-wise my favorite handheld is obviously the Pandora. I really like the open OS and the great controls
Non-gaming handheld wise my favorite handheld is the Sharp Zaurus. It is really sturdy (Much sturdier case than the pandora, although it is more mechanically complex!) and it has tons of ports and mainline linux support.
My vaporizers, for I need my nicotine fix and this way I get it without inhaling something burnt.
For me it's the original DS (well actually the DS Lite which I upgraded to as soon as a friend was selling theirs). I did enjoy my Pandora immensely, but the memory is slightly tarnished by the trouble I has with it in the end. Meanwhile my DS Lite is still rocking along.
I love all of them. Prolly PSP Go is my fav. I've played Tactics Ogre for 200 hours on it. I love my Pandora too, what really bothers me about it lately is the screen, it was never great to begin with, but with those fancy Anbernics these days with their awesome IPS screens, Pandora's screen looks really washed out and frankly a bit crap. The dpad is still the best probably, the only handheld dpad that came close is Vita's.
Every handheld Nintendo has made except the GB micro.

Also, my Pandora and HP 100LX
Some of my favourites


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At the Moment the Pyra, and the Switch,
but my Alltime Faforite Handheld was the Gameboy Series as im from the 1980thes..
I remember having a Girlfriend on Elementary shool who maybe was only my Girlfriend to rent my Gameboy ^^
When i restart my Handheld Gaming in the 2000er Jeahrs, i bought a Gameboy Micro which was also a nice little Device but whit the lack of Backwards Compability to the Gameboy Classic and Color, i had lots of fun whit GBA Games, but missed the Old Stuff..
When i became aware of the Pandora Projekt, i was on a quest to find a solution to play my favered Gameboy Games whitout the need to trow Millions of Batteries in my Gameboy Classic, so i saw a German TV Show over Emulation and Homebrew on a Video Game Broadcast Chanel, where EvilDragon intodruced the GP2X, and red something about the Pandora..

Then i had a Shitty Drivers Job, and wantet to trow the Money i earned on something, to forgett this Job..

So i was a Preeorderer of the Pandora in the End ^^
In the Waiting Time of the Pandora, i also bought some GBA SPs .., maybe if i bought an SP instead of the Gameboy Micro, i wouldnd had the Need for a Pandora ..

So my Favoreds are:
- Pyra
- Pandora
- Switch
- Gameboy Series (Micro, SP)
- the DS Series from DS till 2DSXL..

The New Stuff that should become part of my Collection might also be great, but i ditnt have them yet, so i cant say anything about Valve Steamdeck and Analoque Pocket..
When i became aware of the Pandora Projekt, i was on a quest to find a solution to play my favered Gameboy Games whitout the need to trow Millions of Batteries in my Gameboy Classic
My father connected the blank cables of a power adapter to two old batteries so i could use my Gameboy Color without millions of batteries. An original adapter was too expensive or he didn't like me enough or something ;)
I used that GBC a lot when i was a teenager and loved it. Only other handheld i had was the Pandora, which has travelled with me to distant shores as well as every day to work. Those were awesome times. Unfortunately the shoulder buttons broke some years ago and my soldering skills are too bad for fixing. My smartphone is the replacement for mobile gaming at the moment, but i find it hard to find good games for it. Looking forward to the Pyra!
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DS XL because of KORG synth program, GBA, PSP, best is my PS Vita because it can do all of these.. but to tell the truth i dont us any much ATM. too busy with work and i just play a couple of word games on my work phone.. 4 pics 1 word and wordscapes . back in the day the most used handheld i had was my iPaq HX4705
ipaq HX4705.jpg

played warefare inc, pocket slay and a few others. it still works fine!

today screen.jpg

also used as my GPS...
I had a classic Gameboy as a kid. Cool device with nice games for the time. My brother had a Game Gear. It quickly drained batteries and quickly had some controller issues, but it also had nice games.
Then I got a Tapwave Zodiac in 2017. It was really impressive. I could handle my calendar, take notes, browse an offline version of Wikipedia and play 8-bit and 16-bit console emulators (even some neo-geo games) with a decent battery life and controls. Then it died and I discovered the Pandora.

The Pandora was not only a great device when it came out (where the Zodiac was a PDA, the Pandora really was a pocket computer) but it still runs smoothly with only one faulty nub after years of nearly daily use and the battery life is still the best I've ever seen on a handheld, even in suspend. Of course it's now a bit outdated, but even so it's still pretty good compared to many recent handhelds.

I also have a GPD Win. I can't say it's bad: having such a small yet (relatively) powerful x86 computer with a decent battery life is a dream come true. If only it didn't have that bloating battery issue, it'd probably be my go-to device. But in that state, I don't dare run too demanding software on it (and I probably still have to replace the battery since the device started randomly turning off and getting into boot loops from time to time).

So I have to say Pandora.
I mainly play Nintendo handheld games. I like my Switch Lite and my DS Lite and my backlight-modded GBA. I prefer the shape of the original GBA rather than the GBA SP. For other things, of course the Pandora :)
i was on a quest to find a solution to play my favered Gameboy Games whitout the need to trow Millions of Batteries in my Gameboy Classic
You can use NiMH batteries in the GBC and GBA (except the battery level indicator doesn't work). Can you use them in the Game Boy Classic?