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  1. Magic Sam

    RISC OS?

    Hello all, Not posting much these days I'm afraid... Sorry about that . @Raik : I'm still very much interested in RiscOS on the Pyra, so thanks a lot for your time and effort, really appreciated :) My Pyra is unfortunately collecting dust, so please let me know if I can help you out in any...
  2. Magic Sam

    Release DooM 3

    Hi all, @ptitSeb : is this port worth a try on the Pyra ? I guess I'll buy DooM 3 on GOG, much easier to install than the DVD version :) Cheers, Magic Sam
  3. Magic Sam

    Beta Anarch

    Hi all, @atari_afternoon : saving and loading works just fine on my Rebirth unit. Saved games should be in appdata/anarch_magicsam/anarch.sav. At the end of a level, you can press left or right in order to save (or not) your progression. And on the main menu there's a "load" button, which...
  4. Magic Sam

    Beta Anarch

    Hi all, @atari_afternoon : I have finally beaten the second level ! It's a real maze and orientation in 3D is not my strong suit. Level 3 resembles DooM more IMHO :) Cheers, Magic Sam
  5. Magic Sam

    Ready for SDL 3 ?

    Hi ! Title says it all :) Will this new version be compatible with Pandora and Pyra ? Cheers, Magic Sam
  6. Magic Sam

    Beta Anarch

    @atari_afternoon : the "map" button is set to "START" on the Pandora. When I press START the map is displayed on screen, when I release the button I return to the game EDIT 2: I'm completely stuck on level 2, I have no idea how to get the keys I need to open the two %$!§! doors :D What about...
  7. Magic Sam

    Beta Anarch

    Hi all, @M-HT : I have implemented your suggestions: Updated version is on the repo: It's slightly faster now, 2-3 extra FPS at default speed (600...
  8. Magic Sam

    Beta Anarch

    Hi all, @M-HT : thanks for your suggestions, I'll give them a try over the week-end :) Setting the resolution to something closer to the actual screen size was already on my TODO list, hence the "Beta" tag. Cheers, Magic Sam
  9. Magic Sam

    Beta Anarch

    Hi all, I have ported Drummyfish's Anarch to the Pandora :) Original source code is available on Gitlab: My small modifications to the source code are available on SourceHut: Grab...
  10. Magic Sam

    Micro Pyra news from the.. dragons mouth

    Hi all, Any new news regarding the case ? Cheers, Magic Sam
  11. Magic Sam

    Release Multiracer

    Hi all, @Farox : OpenMRac 1.2 is out :) (native OpenGL ES 2.0 support if I understand correctly) Could you please give it a try ? Cheers, Magic Sam
  12. Magic Sam

    Massive performance regression in firefox

    Hi all, Vivaldi is indeed faster than Firefox on the Pyra, thanks for the tip. Cheers, Magic Sam
  13. Magic Sam

    Release OpenTyrian

    Yes libgl-gl4es-pyra is already installed on my unit, package version: ALT + ENTER does the trick btw. Cheers, Magic Sam
  14. Magic Sam

    Release OpenTyrian

    Hi all, @TrashyMG : thanks for this new package, really appreciated. It appears I'm on the same boat as @asimov-solensan : the game runs windowed on my up-to-date Pyra. The DBP I get through DBP installer is OpenTyrian_C4ALL.dbp, without the "-1.0" suffix. I tried again after removing both...
  15. Magic Sam

    DiscoBSD on Pyra's M4 ?

    Hi @Risca :) The README file mentions using the serial port to log into DiscoBSD: $ cu -l /dev/cuaU0 -s 115200 Cheers, Magic Sam
  16. Magic Sam

    DiscoBSD on Pyra's M4 ?

    Hi all, I stumbled on this project some days ago: Do you think it'd be possible to make it run on the Pyra's M4 CPU ? Cheers, Magic Sam
  17. Magic Sam

    Looking for help: U-Boot RAM Timings

    Hi all, @pimaster : thank you for your work on this issue, really appreciated. I ran your script on my Pyra and got slightly different results. Are they worth posting here ? Cheers, Magic Sam
  18. Magic Sam

    Couldn't wait for my Pyra, so I bought a OMAP5432 devboard

    Awesome work indeed, thanks a lot ! :) Cheers, Magic Sam
  19. Magic Sam

    Boomshine Plus

    Hi all, @Jan-Nik : thank you for this great game, also one of my favourites on GP2X :) Cheers, Magic Sam
  20. Magic Sam

    Update Dave Gnukem

    Hi all, FYI: Looks like I'll have to give Dave Gnukem another go on the Pandora (and Pyra ?) :) Cheers, Magic Sam