1. flamyflam

    3DSxl doesn't turn on (FIXED)

    I was messing with a9lh on my 3dsxl but nothing was working so i uninstalled a lot of stuff and now with or without the sd card in my 3ds the blue led turns on for one sec then softly turns off and i don't know what to do. If anyone had this problem use the post below by frefol to fix it...
  2. K

    [For Sale] Nintendo 3DS with the Katsukity video out hardware mod!

    Hello, I'm selling a red Nintendo 3DS in perfect condition, complete in it's box, with the video out hardware modification Katsukity - usually sold around 400 euros (they're not available anymore to purchase) that allows to output the 3DS image and sound to a PC using an USB cable, which is...