2011 Pandora for sale - UK {SOLD}


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May 11, 2009
Hi Guys,

It's been a tough choice but I think it's time to let go of my Pandora, I have a three year old son and aside from having no time to use it now (I can barely go to the toilet for 5 minutes of peace, has anyone ever tried to have a poo in a toilet with no door lock, holding the handle closed while a screaming tornado is bringing the might of Hercules down on the other side to get to you?), my car needs a massive amount of work and I need to sell some stuff to be able to afford to pay for it. I will be back in the future and continue to watch the smelly goings on around here, I plan to get an ICP to tide me over and allow me to cling on to the futile dream of parental free will.

I got it roughly at the end of Feb 2011 so it's not one of the new new models. I don't know which LCD cable it has either, but I presume it's a newer one because I've not had any trouble at all, in fact I've had absolutely no trouble of any kind. Should have wiped the lint off...


It has some case wear, the only notable parts are there is some scuffing on the bottom of the battery compartment (I had to peel the label back on the battery and reapply it as it was creased when it came to me, which was causing the compartment to bulge slightly). There is a 5mm hairline crack on the left of the hinge which doesn't affect operation, and also two marks where I had previously glued two rubber nubs to stop the case from opening all the way. It is also missing one of the tiny rubber nubbins on the inside of the lid, this has no negative effect on case closure.


I can confirm that it will clock stably to 1ghz at opp5, tested with Hexen II and it ran great, I haven't tried any higher than 1ghz though, I generally only ever run at the default 600mhz because I mostly play Amiga and Snes games (used to have to OC to about 800 for PSX but the more recent versions of the emulator run amazingly well at stock speed now).

Working Wifi, good nubs, never needed any repairs. This is a solid unit.


It'll come boxed in the original packaging with the charger and a 16gb PNY Optima SD card. If you would like I could set the card up with some games and emulators ready to go for you, but I will not provide any kickstart images, roms, or illegal files. Please contact me if you would like me to do this for you, otherwise I will just be factory resetting and sending it clean as a whistle.

I am asking for £205 shipped to the UK, I will consider shipping overseas but not without a signature on delivery and insurance, so it will be more costly. Payment via Paypal.

Thanks for looking and please let me know if you are interested.
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I'm interested. I'm new here but I've got 100% feedback (buying & selling) on eBay. Let me know of you want details.

If you're happy I can pay via PayPal today.