3.0.0 Flash Gone Wrong....


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Nov 17, 2005
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Hey, all. I just picked up my gp2x today after having not touched it for a long time.
I came here to see whats new, and I noticed a new firmware...(ya I know, its been a while)
My most recent firmware was 2.1.1, and when I updated my first edition f100 to v.2.1.2,
the boot screen still said 2.1.1.
So I updated to v.3, and now it still says 2.1.1 but I don't even get a menu screen.
Just a black back lit screen that leads me to believe that my gp2x is bricked.
So, what do you guys think, am I going to have to buy a dev. board to fix this mess?
And, has anybody else experienced anything like this?
Sounds like you didn't update the kernel, just the file system. Did you do both parts of the update?
I did do both parts of the update when i updated to 2.1.2.
however it still said 2.1.1 on the green boot up screen after that....
Now I cant even use it anymore.
When you get the black boot screen and the green kernel screen your GP2x is not bricked.
Download firmware 2.0.0 from the archive and flash the GP2x again using fresh batteries and holding start/select at boot time.

When that is not working download the NAND Blanker from the archive. Follow the Readme!


The software will delete the whole NAND leaving the boot loader intact. Now you can try to flash firmware 2.0.0 again. Good luck...