Are you interested in a new Pandora LCD cable?

Would you want to order a new LCD cable for your Pandora for 30$

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Once again almost 2 months later:

So the machine is finished and I have to think about safe transportation to ED since he will be running the tests.
What has not yet been completely elaborated is how to precisely detect that the LCD cable did break and after how many movements.
Well, the counter sows it but someone should sit near the LCD and watch some test image and note the number of cycles.
Or ED makes a video which is taping both the Pandora display and the counter and then the machine can run alone and one looks after it only every 8 hours or so.
If then the cable shows problems, the video can be rewound to the precise location where it started to fail.
Anyways the machine makes ca. 1 movement per second which translates into 60 per minute, 3600 per hour and 86400 per day.
So if we do not need the highest precision it could be run for one hour and then be checked. And then the next hour.
And if there is nobody who can come back after one hour to check the status, the machine is paused and resumed later.
Amazing! :D
Are we still moving forward with production of Pandora LCD cables? Are we as @PowerGod asked, still testing durability? I just figured out which save state between two nes emulators was my most current Dragon Warrior III saved on my Pandora but my LCD cable issues are certainly getting worse. Having gotten back into the groove with the game I feel like I need to continue on my trek to completing as many Dragon Quest games on the Pandora as possible. Pandi has been vocalizing her needs for a new cable for a while now. My colorblindness only keeps me from seeing the difference until someone points it out. After that, its plain as day(in the right light).

Anyhow, I do have to inquire if the projected price point changed so dramatically that a significant portion of previously potential buyers would have backed out?

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Finally found the correct thread. (was crossposting there accidently)

Does the maltreater work well enough for evaluation?
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Hi all!
Any news on the development? Btw. @hns the donate button on the letux site does not work any longer.

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Nikolaus is currently populating them, they'll be in the shop soon.
In fact they are already done and shipped to ED... Here are some photos from the production process. And a video is here:

:D Having seen the production speed of the machines at Global Components, this seems to be sooooo slooooooow :D
But still awesome for sample or small production runs :)
:D Having seen the production speed of the machines at Global Components, this seems to be sooooo slooooooow :D
But still awesome for sample or small production runs :)
Yes, but still faster than doing everything with 0402 and 0603 SMD by hand :) The machine was still faster than me with printing the solder paste and adding the display connectors.... And don't forget the time it takes to set up the fast machines for a handful of devices.
For short runs, it's a good compromise. But the quantities shown here are the upper limit before you buy a faster one...