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Oct 1, 2018
I have a friend who is a keen climber. She says that the best feeling in the world is the feeling you get at the peak of a long climb.

One day she was telling me about her latest ascent with a fellow climber. She uses expensive equipment from an outfit that brands all their equipment with 'Pro-': Pro-carabiners; Pro-harnesses; Pro-crampons and so on. Her friend used equipment from another company that brands everything with 'Ante', the Latin for 'before', as their marketing claims their equipment helps you reach the goal before the competition. Yes, so it's marketing.

Anyway, they started off a long day's climb in the foothills of a challenging peak, using walking poles. The weather is not brilliant, with a little drizzle, but the forecast is that it is meant to improve. They agree that they'll turn back if the weather remains against them. He pulls ahead, but drops a walking pole, she picks it up, and hands him his 'Ante' walking pole. "Thanks", he says, and carries on. A little later, the going gets tougher, and they start scrambling up steep paths, and he drops his water flask. She picks it up, and hands back his 'Ante' water flask. "Thanks", he says, and they carry on. The going is hard, but the weather improves and the sun comes out. It gets warm, so they take off their jackets. She carefully stows hers in her rucksack, but he just ties his around his waist. What do you know, shortly later, it falls off. She picks it up, and hands him back his 'Ante' jacket. "Thanks!", he says. They carry on in glorious weather. The final approach is snowy, with steep falls away from the path, so for safety they get out their ice-gear: crampons and ice-axes, and rope themselves together, and continue on the trek up to the summit. The weather is perfect, with a clear blue sky, no wind, and the earlier drizzle had washed the dust out of the air, promising spectacular views. With metres to go, he drops a piece of equipment, which she picked up, then said to him, "Its no good, we have to return now." So, they did.

It was an 'Ante' climb-axe.

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