Broken Gp2x Speaker


Mar 16, 2003
On one of the various occasions I've opened up my GP2X I appear to have broken the wires off of the lefthand speaker. :(

I thought I'd just see if anyone out there has a completely broken GP2X and would be willing to let me have one of their speakers. A bit cheeky I know but I don't have any soldering equipment and even if I did it looks a tricky little job. Obviously I'd pay for postage.

No harm in asking eh? :p


[EDIT]. It's an F200.
Here's a pic


I guess the wire can be soldered back on, I'll have to buy a soldering iron and give it a go. :unsure:
From the picture, it looks like it's easy to repair, since there's no visible damage to the speaker itself, just the wires came loose.

If you don't trust yourself on repairing it, I can do it for you just for postage costs.

Thanks for the offer, there's been a small setback though. I bought myself a soldering iron on Saturday thinking I'd have a go myself, however had a bit of a party at the flat on Saturday night and the place was a mess on Sunday morning (read afternoon). :)

Problem is, that since then I've not seen the speaker (which I had so carefully left laying on the bookcase), I'm hoping it will turn up but I've got a growing concern that it may have been mistaken for rubbish in the tidy up and ended up it the bin (which has now been taken away). :(

I did consider seeing if I could take a speaker out of my GP32 but I just couldn't bring myself to do it, not after the hours I've spent keeping the diagonals working on the joystick (plus it's the only console I've got that I can actually see the screen in sunlight).

Maybe it'll turn up.....
Dave18 said:
Problem is, that since then I've not seen the speaker (which I had so carefully left laying on the bookcase), I'm hoping it will turn up but I've got a growing concern that it may have been mistaken for rubbish in the tidy up and ended up it the bin (which has now been taken away). :(
Bummer....Lets hope it didn't get thrown away! :mellow:
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If i remember correctly, you can replace the gp2x speaker quite easily, put two new (better) ones in even :)

You just need a new 16mm speaker with the same specs ( ohms or watts i think ) and a connector to plug it into the '2x mobo.

solder the speaker to the connector and bob's your uncle, or robert if he prefers it.

If the original speaker indeed is 16mm round, this is a perfect replacement. But replace both, otherwise you will get a noticeable difference of sound between left and right. The unit price won't be much of a problem, I guess.
Dave18 said:
Would these fit the bill?



Most likely, unless they are a higher rating than the originals.

Best to check the ratings of the originals, maybe it's written somewhere on them? I did a quick google but came up null... the ones you posted look like they could do the job though ;)

I have tried different, higher rated, small ( 16mm speakers, phone speakers etc. ) ones but they didn't make much noise :(

I found that the speaker in the Nokia 6085 (pretty decent quality & loudness) needs quite a bit of juice, since it is hardly audible when connected to a gp2x.

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They are the only suitable speakers I can find, unfortunately even though they have a UK version of their website they still ship from the US and charge £12 for it which is a joke compared with the price of the speakers.

Guess I'll just hope I find the original, as I don't want to spend much money on my GP2X when there should be a nice shiney Pandora winging it's way to me in the next couple of months! :)
You could try, they're shipping internationally although they're a Germany based company and most information on their site is in German. I've found article number 335405 (17 mm. but should fit), 335424 (16.6 mm. should also fit), and 335423 (16.5 mm) to be possible alternatives. I don't know about the international shipping rules, but the Dutch branch takes orders with a minimum of 20 euro but shipping costs are pretty reasonable.

In general, look for speakers that are 16mm. or slightly larger or smaller, with an impedance of 8 ohms or less. The higher impedances are meant as headphone speaker replacements and produce significantly less sound.
Is this what you want?


15mm across.

Yours for £2 if you want it, sent 2nd class post (included). Think I desoldered it from an old GP2x mod. Pretty sure these are from a GP2x (compare to yours). As you see, you just need to solder the wires to your GP2x mobo. Or.../...and...

I also have the same speaker with the white plug (as per your pic) if you prefer.

Choose between them, or better still, how about £3 for both (inc postage)? Cheap deal!!

(can send recorded delivery at extra charge, but frankly, standard post is pretty reliable!).

I am Hampshire, UK; so happy to take PayPal or Post Office cheque or normal cheque if you prefer.

PM me if you are interested.
Fishbong said:
Any 16mm earphone speakers will do. Just buy cheap earphones for a pound or two, pry open the part that goes into the ear and take out the speakers.

Earphone speakers usually have an impedance of 32 ohms or more. This results in the sound being very soft.
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Cool, thanks for helping out Bacteria.

Looking forward to stereo sound again. :)
Thanks bacteria, got the package today. Seeing as it was the day after you posted it you have to wonder for what you are paying extra for first class!!!

Looking forward to fitting it in the next day or two.

Had to test my soldering skills in the end as the white plug was the wrong size, they must have changed it in one of the revisions.

Good news is that I appear to have been successful as the speaker is working perfectly.