Bugs In Setup


Still Fresh
Jun 14, 2010
Hi all,

I think I've just found two bugs in setup:

1) Entering a hostname with a space in it (or invalid hostname characters) is not prevented. The dialog tells you not to do it, but if you do it anyway, you get a popup on login telling you that the machine can't find its own hostname in /etc/hosts and that you should please enter it there (of course, it's already there, it's just treated as two or more separate entries!)

2) If you've gotten stuck during setup and are trying to re-start without re-flashing (e.g. due to the "Please select the date" bug), setup tells you that there's already an account with the name you've entered. So, you can't re-use the same user account that you created the first time through. This means that you have to re-flash again if you don't want to tinker too much with accounts and actually want a particular username. I would prefer it to tell me that the account already exists and to ask me for the existing password (that I just created on my last try).

Also, a suggestion:

When you select the desktop environment you'd like, a dialog appears telling you that if you don't like your choice, you can always change it. It doesn't tell you *how* to change it, though (e.g. "select fizzlemorph from the squiggtacle menu"). It'd be nice if it did.

The first is covered:
127 hostname =$(sed 's/ /_/g' /etc/hostname)

It's also nice if you can provide a patch with the bug report.