Business Card Runs Linux by George Hilliard

I'd like to see him to an apt-get upgrade or similar on that. But I guess that's not the point; even if this kernel does include a usb accessible hole, all they could do is potentially make this into a bomb or something and presumably that could be reflashed with a little care (or just dumped in the bin), and there's absolutely no private data that shouldn't be disseminated on this at time of release.
@levi Do you mean UsbKiller? or USBola? Or more like a backdoor thingy to hack your password, for example?
I also did not understand your double negation in the phrase "absolutely no private data that shouldn't be disseminated".
I also thought of this and the thing is trust. Do you trust the person that gave you that card? I would if it was someone that wanted the job.
In Amsterdam they have a wall with a cemented USB stick. I was oh-so-tempted when I just got the Pandora to connect the Pandora to it... but I decided to wait and now that wall does not have the stick anymore :(
So I missed the 'good stuff'.
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You'd have a hard time making a USB killer out of this, cos it doesn't contain the capacitance.

I see what you mean about that double negation. I mean that all the data on it is either stuff he's put in the public domain or licensed under something copyleft, so it wouldn't matter to him if all of that got out and got leaked on the darknet or something.

The main problem I can immediately think of it is could probably be made into some kind of keylogger, although that leads to the problem of getting the data off it if it then doesn't leave the presence of the recipient. I guess it'd have to hack the computer it's plugged into to get to it's networking stack to be able to exfiltrate your banking password and things. And then who would take that card off you; you don't pass on business cards second hand if you know what I mean, unless they were specifically interested in the technology then maybe you could get them.