Castaway And Chatboard...


Still Fresh
Feb 7, 2005
Hello to all,

I'm having some issues using chat board under Castaway. These are the questions:
1. Activate Chat board selection - almost every second time GP32 freezes when selecting that.
2. If e.g. changes are being made under configuration options, are they saved on SMC or not?
3.Keyboard layout under castaway - is it same for every program or not?
Changes made in the GUI aren't saved to SMC; it has a useful config system you can use to make up configs, so you can have a default config, as well as configs you can load from the menu. One of these days I'll make a "save default config" option that stores out changes you've just done, to save you making a config file.

Activate Chatboard always works for me, every time. But I've not tried it much, since I didn't find the chatboard really gratifying :)

Chatboard key layout is constant. ie: Buttons on the chatboard are mapped to ST keyboard buttons 1:1 where possible; some chatboard keys ignored, and some changed (ie: the / is used for Return, since the CB doesn't have a return key)

Thanks for quick answer :) . When is the best moment for chat board activation? If my chat board freezes my GP every second time in Castaway, what is the way to test it for proper functionality?