Combining Gp2x & Psp

This thread is getting weird.

I have a GP32, I can listen to mp3 or view video's on that.
I just want a nice game, but I haven't because I just got my PSP and didn't really know if I should buy a game with it. Games are 44euro, so I didn't want to just pick a game ending up with a game I didn't like.

Did I also mention that the release was 1 September, and that most shops around here don't even have PSP's? So their are almost no games avaible, and extra hardware isn't in the shops yet. Even if I wanted a 1GB card I probably can't buy it.
I've no idea about the games, but there are lots of helpful sites for such things. Also I think you need a little look at the firmware issue, I suspect you will not be able to run howmebrew/emulators out of the box. If you intend to do such things.

As for 1Gb cards, I looked up the prices, because I didn't want to say anything too stupid. The most common *large* size seems to be 512Mb. Having looked around its worthwhile shopping around I say prices of 1GB at £110 and £75 thats a big difference.

If you are using the PSP for Commercial gaming only do not worry about getting a big card.
My psp has the 2.0 firmware, I updated it with the demodisc. The original firmware was 1.52 and that version didn't run homebrew either. I updated it because the 2.0 version has more functions, so it had more pro's then con's.
It looks like I have to wait until some smartass cracks the 2.0 firmware so I can run some homebrew emu's.
There shouldnt be any reason you cant buy a 1GB stick for a decent price online, in store they might exist if you find a decen place with a good selection, memory sticks arn't JUST for PSP after all. But I suggest not paying more than $90 (get a rate converter and double check the price for your reigion) as any more than that is a rip off.

As for games it, as usual, depends on your tastes. For Racing Ridge racer and Midnight club are probably the big dogs followed closely by Wipeout, Lumines for puzzle games and ... ah heck just check and you should get a good idea of whats worth playing. It's slim pickings but there should be atleast a couple you can enjoy.
Expensive yes but still for more than just one product, even if they are mostly sony products. If I recall there are some non-sony brand laptops and TVs have Memestick slots as standard equipment... just not many.
get a Ds for the commercial game, and gpx2 for homebrew, emulators, and media. that's it. Both DS and
gp2x are cheaper than the psp. You won't be able to play homebrew or emulators on your psp if you buy it right now.

And to tell the truth, i think (that's my opinion) that psp games sucks. It just toned down ps2 games. If you're like me and you already own a ps2, why would you buy a game twice ? Sure, the unit is stylish, you look cool with it, and graphics are hot. But who cares? Fun is the reason why you'll buy a system,and DS is a funny system, that is innovating, not ripping everything from the home console sector, and toning it.

GPX2 will make all the media tasks you would do with you psp, with a larger battery life, cheaper storage cards, no need to transform videos into a stupid format and all. And it will cost you alot more, plus it will be an hombrew and emulator paradise. And between us two, you look alot more stylish with a strange system that no one in your town will ever see or hear about, not someone that follow a mode or something anyway (just like ipods :p). You'll get attention and alot of people will ask you 'what's this gadget that let you play mario/sonic? isn't mario made by nintendo/sega?' :p :D

As for multiplayer, DS supports wifi too. And believe me, the demo of metroid prime hunter is really fun and innovating in multiplayer matches, i can't wait for the full game! :)

And yes, i know both DS and psp very well, in fact, i buyed them both. Psp is still great, but i'm really disapointed with comercial games, and i can't get homebrew games working, so it's a bit useless right now, sadly :(

And all this is my opinion, no flamewar.
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I'm inclined to agree with you, Cahaz. I got the DS because its commerical wares interested me more than what the PSP was offering, so it's definitely going to serve me well for my "mainstream" wantons, I would think.

Meanwhile, the GP2X looks to have a lot of potential for 2D homebrewn/emulated gaming goodness, and certainly doesn't look to have any of the extra baggage the PSP demands for trying to attain the same goal. Let the PSP have NeoGeo CD if it will; I'm more interested in seeing the bonafide NeoGeo MVS, CPS1, and CPS2 be emulated through either dedicated emus or through a very robust port of MAME on the 2X. In addition to these sorts of possibilities, it does help that the GP2X is looking to be both the more economical choice with respect to price, the goods entailed, and battery life!

Plus, you bring up another point...the GP2X may have an "exotic flair" all of its own. I'm sure the gaming crowd on my campus can stand to be impressed by a machine that I am sure that 99.8% of them don't know the hell about. And the fact that it can bust out stuff on the full screen using the TV-Out looks to be quite nice as well, and could do well for wide-screen old-school moments! ^_^ Now if only I could hear word that the USB port can be used for controller hook-up for 2 player games, I'd be all set.
The PSP isn't all bad. There's a dry-up of games at the moment, the same thing the DS went through. Not long ago, there was a three month void, where there was nothing around for the DS, barring Launch titles. People had to make do with what was at launch, and alot of people sold their DS's because of this. (I saw eleven second-hand units in CEX, eight in GameStation, and around twenty between the two Game stores, all in Wolverhampton, and this was yesterday).

Now there's a few good games appearing for the DS, and DS loyalists are forgetting the whining they did not long ago about lack of good games. The PSP is hitting the same barrier, but as soon as some better games come out, it will be popular again.

Not forgetting, it's only just got released in the UK, and there are a slew of good games hitting the platform from Japan, just waiting for US/UK publishers to pick them up.

Also, at the moment people are working on a downgrader, to downgrade the firmware to one that is "Homebrew-able". Last i heard, it was very near complete too, so even if you get a 1.51 or 2.0 version, it should soon be downgradable, to use homebrew on it.

Sorry, it just really bugs me to hell when i hear people slating one machine and raising another to holy glory. A real gamer will experience everything that's on offer, and would be grateful for the PSP and DS's existance, because not only does it mean two companies worth of games, but also a current handheld war which creates innovative and new gaming experiences. Before the PSP, we was lucky to get a new SNES port, the market was that stagnant.

Saying that, a downgraded PSP will perform the same functions as a GP2x (movies, music, commercial games, homebrew software, emulators), so even though i don't agree with the above poster's views of why you should get a DS and GP2x, it's more economical to pick up the DS and GP2x.

Besides, if you leave the PSP until a price drop or two, there should be a nice library of games available then for the handheld, plus downgraders/hacks available to run homebrew on the system too if you want.
what disapointed me about psp is that 90 per cent of the games you can buy right now are downgraded versions of what you can see on ps2. What if i already own a ps2? why would i pay two times for nearly the same game? And most of the games you can buy are EA licences games too..
Muzzaro, the psp just doesn't have that many good games at the moment, nor does it seem to be getting much more. it's also not the ideal platform for homebrew or movies(your own stuff) thanks to not so great quality and stretched video you'd have to reencode, 4way dpad, and an lcd that isn't good outdoors.

still, the psp is a great handheld with some really nice original games, and like you said, should offer more in its homebrew scene and games after a few price drops.
right now, besides a few good titles and umd playback, it doesn't offer much in the commercial part imo.
Much of the same could be said for the DS a few months ago. Every system goes through an early "dry" period befor developers truly figure out how to maximize potential. The first 6 months of the DS's existance made the system look worthless. While full of potential back then it's only just now starting to bare fruit. The same for the PSP, you start off with a few weak launch titles simply to show off what it can do, Yes many of the games are similar to PS2 titles but the main purpose is to show that you can have this sort of playability on the go rather than tied to a TV in your living room, eventually the games will start branching off on their own. There are several games in the pipe for the PSP which stand to be successful stand alone titles assuming their development doesn't take a horrific turn for the worse.
Maybe I should get a DS as well, its a nice system and the games are cheaper then the PSP's games. It stinks that the DS doesn't run all gameboy games, but I do own a gameboy pocket (BW) so I can run those on the original system.

I do not own a PS2, because I had a dreamcast already. So I didn't play most or any of the PS2 games. Next month GTA will be released for PSP and I hope that will be a nice game. And why does a portable PS2 suck if you already have a PS2?
You have to buy games twice, but you can play those games on the move.
Sony will release a PS3, with new titles like GTA and all other games you played before, making you pay for the new titles again.

I also heared that their would be a PS1 emulator for the PSP, that would be cool.
I have firmware 2.0 now, but if I put 1.5 on it I don't have my webbrowser anymore :huh: But it can run homebrew stuff, and thats lots of fun.
Until the Downgrader becomes reality I wouldnt worry too much about playing Homebrew on your PSP, and the PSX emulator is pretty unlikely to be as cool as it sounds. Idealy the DS and PSP were to be aimed at different audiances, The PSP being for the 18 and up set (due to it's high price and iPod like estectics) while the DS being more for the 18 and under.

Also for the record no one HAS to by a game twice, you can always choose which you want, it's not like anyone is forced to buy either. I just get tired of hearing that lame ass illogical argument.
As for the reason why 'it sucks to have a pocket ps2' is that you want something different on your handheld, something that you won't see on a home system, you know? Gba had so many 2d tittles, you couldn't have that amount of 2d games on a home console. DS have built in micro, touch screen, Double screen and 2d and 3d games. That's something different. Why would you play on psp in your home if you already own a ps2? on the other hand, you would play DS in your house 'cause it brings something you cannot see on any home system right now. The games are different too, when you're tired of a game, you're not tired of two games.

Anyway, that's just my opinion you know. I just don't find it interesting to play things dirrectly taken from your home console and tonned down to fit in your pocket. Sure, it's a technologic gadget, and it have a cool factor, but you know, i think handhelds can open new doors into the gaming world, and i just find it really uninovative to say 'hey, why don't we make a portable console as near as possible to the home console feeling' i think there's (or there was, maybe?) something special in handhelds that you cannot create on home consoles, while i like both home and handheld consoles, i think we can't just mix these two worlds. Playing on the go is very different from playing in your house, and it's two worlds that complete themselves very well. i can be tired of home consoles but not handhelds for a time, and vice versa.

but then again, that's my opinion. And you have yours.
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This thread had gone weird. I had to read the initial post just to get my sanity back.

Until the Downgrader becomes reality I wouldnt worry too much about playing Homebrew on your PSP

I won't even bother quoting, some of the other stuff, I've been reading since the Gizmondo got cracked.

The PSP is a very capable handheld, and its lovely.

I want a device that I can play scummvm, quakeII, suduko, genesis games, music , movies. +more

Sony don't want me to do that. If I buy their latest games. I have to sacrifice these things I want to do with my device, or the game won't work. Downgrade/Upgrade firmware madness. I talk about running costs, others talk about joysticks, screen resolution, 2D vs 3D, quality of commercial games.

At the end of the day, the Gamepark Holdings not only do not care, how I use the device. They are not trying to control how I use it. Thats why for me I will buy a GP2X and not a PSP.
He certainly couldn't be worse than bush right about now.

And yeah I'm just adding to the weirdness seeing as this thread has outlived it's usefullness.