Compatible USB WiFi Dongle?


Nov 15, 2012
Hey everyone, just wanted to ask if this dongle would be compatible with the Pandora or not?

I ask, as when I use my Pandora's built in WiFi, it works fine for a few minutes then just stops sending or receiving any data for a few minutes then starts working again for another few minutes.

Will this dongle sort said problem? It also seems to cause authentication problems on my phone if I try to use my phones WiFi at the same time.

I installed the updated drivers PND from the repo but it made no difference.

TL;DR version:

Is this Dongle compatible with the Pandora and will it stop authentication errors?
So using this should stop the authentication errors (hopefully) right? I believe that's what is making it stop and start with the connection as there is usually a PC and laptop connected to the router throughout most of the day.

I'm going to order one now and hope for the best anyway. Worst case scenario I have to send it back eh?
I think you'll be more than happy with the results.

I use this dongle whenever I am downloading stuff with PND Manager too.  I find it gets fast speed and minimal disconnects.
I've had better luck with the pandora's internal WiFi in combination with my old BT Home Hub (avg. speed ~220KBps), but it did not play nice with my new Virgin Media Superhub with average speeds of 80KBps.

I took delivery of one of these today and I'm extremely pleased with the results. iwconfig displayed a new wireless device as soon as I plugged it in, so there was zero setup. As soon as I realised the adapter would have a different MAC address and added it to the white list on the router I was downloading at 2.6MBps (~3200% faster). That's also with the router set to compatibilty over performance, so potentially it could be even faster if I set the router to make use of the n spec. But then I guess you start running into the bottleneck of USB and SD card write speeds.

Anyway, well worth the £5 or so I spent on it. It's just a shame the Pandora's hardware wasn't up to the job.
Thanks very much for the reply chapterboom. Glad to hear it works well. Still waiting on mine to be delivered, but once it is I'm sure I will get a lot more usgae out of my Pandora internet wise. I've had to avoid using it because it caused more headaches than it was worth.

Thanks again to everyone who replied. Will reply back with my results when mine is delivered. :)
My WiFi dongle arrived about an hour ago. Plugged it in, Enabled USB Host, and it's working great! Downloaded a few large-ish files (just over 100mb each) and I was getting speeds of around 650-700kbps (My max speed on my connection (sucky, I know :p )). Before, I would get 150kbps tops, and it would continuously cut out.

Thanks again to everyone who replied, I'm very glad I got this, and to anyone who sees this thread, I would highly reccomend this. :D
FWIW: I had exactly the same problems as you, disabled power management on the internal Wifi didn't help at all. I actually went for the Netgear WNA1000M (N150) a couple of days ago, and since receiving it have had no Wifi issues. Can't compare the one you got to the one I got directly, but it sounds like anyone reading can safely get either and be pretty happy. The one I got also was automatically found by the Pandora, no installation required. It certainly makes the Pandora much more useful (being able to go online with it).