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Aug 15, 2012
France, near Lyon
Here is CuboSphere, a clone of Kula World

The game use glshim and is quite fast on the Pandora, even on CC model.

And here is a video of the gameplay on the Pandora by Ingoreis.

It's preconfigured for Pandora (keymap and fullscreen), and it's huge, with more than 400 levels!!!

History log

Build 01

  • Initial build
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Hi all,

@ptitSeb : thanks for porting this game to the Pandora !

When I turn the particles off (in order to get some more FPS), a white square appears under all the items when I pick them up.

Is this a bug ? (I'm playing on a Rebirth Pandora, with GPU driver

EDIT: and in the tutorial mode, the floating messages (and actually every rotating objects, when there are too many of them) bring the FPS counter to its knees ( < 10 FPS )

Cheers, Magic Sam
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Hi all,

The last level of the tutorial mode (the one in the "Chinese" environment) is hardly playable, with FPS well below 5...

@ptitSeb : could you please have a look at it ?

EDIT: OC'ing to 1 GHz barely helps (~6-7 FPS).

Cheers, Magic Sam
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That level's noticably slower on my 1GHz unit but still playable. 'nobgu' on the repo comments reckon the problems are transparency related, and start on tutorial 7, but I only noticed slowdown first on the final tutorial level.