Current State of the Pyra

Hi all,

+1 for the sound issue... Had this one a couple of times on my unit.

Regarding the rumble functionality, is there a way to test whether it's working properly or not (via some CLI command perhaps) ?

Cheers, Magic Sam
I'm not sure it's possible to automate it. Maybe the microphone could be read to determine when the system's playing white noise, but otherwise it's hard for the system to know and needs a human to tell it. Be aware that cymbal beats in music are essentially tuned white noise (aka pink noise) and snare drums are similar.
From what I've read, the audio playback problem is correlated with high volume.
This is not the case, like I mentioned in my previous post it just suddenly kicks in, in the middle of watching a youtube video for instance.

@Magic Sam I got the motor to rumble when I was trying to find out what's what in the alsamixer.

Play some music (not sure if it's necessary)
Open terminal and start alsamixer
F6 -> Select Letux Cortex 15
Move all the way right to Vibra Right
Arrow up to switch on.

HF DAC (Handsfree) seem to be the speakers
HS DAC (Headset) is the headphones output
These are all seperated mono output devices and have to be set on/off manually if you want output to either one and not both.

Vibra Left gives me noise on the speakers btw
I can remember, that i ditnt got Audio Issues when i had my Airpods Pro connectet to the Pyra, but unfortunally, they got some issues so i bought me JBL Live Pro + TWS, but they need an App to work so i ditnt had luck connecting them whit the Pyra ..
Hi all,

Any idea where the sound issue is coming from ? I have to exit almost every game I'm trying to play in order to get rid of it... :(

Cheers, Magic Sam
I keep my volume down to 50% or so and seems to solve the issue for the most part.
Setting the Earphone and headset volumes low, enables me to max out the master volume with the wheel to 100 without the speaker distortion. I just don't like the fade curve as the audio only becomes audible half way the wheel range..

As a side note; the speaker distortion is something else than the audio noise issue
When i use Bluethooth Headphones, everything is fine, but my current JBL True Wireless ditnt work as they need an App .., but i have other JBLs who work^^
Anecdotal and not for sure yet I guess, but for someone who got the loud noise stuff way too often I haven't gotten any in about an hour this session so far.
I put master volume down a bit (70%), turned headset playback to Off for left and right and put all power modes to low power (I swear I've never noticed those before, huh). Letux handsfree and headset volumes are at 100%, all other inputs/outputs like mics and such are turned down to 0%, but they had been before and didn't make any difference in the past.
Now the thing is that I have no idea if any of these did anything significant here. Maybe it was just a fluke and the loud noise will grace me when I try something at 3 AM again instead.
So i screwed a bit in Alsa and got the gbc.Emu whiteout sound issue, when you don’t use headphones it’s also Fine , but I ditnt found the Option to let the Pyra know I have a IPhone Style Headphone so the extension cable from the Pandora is still required, but it’s not that good isolated so you hear a bit of noise..
Maybe the Audio issue can get fixed in software updates..
I have to fine tune it maybe a bit, this have to wait until the next gaming session

I have also a new idea: I should use the Pyra much more often, I was a bit lazy the last months: only for videos, or when I want to play a bit for myself

Although the thing is also meant as my main Computer, so my plan is tomorrow when I wake up I will not use my phone for Internet, but the Pyra ,
Also for Internet in my breakfast and in the breakfast time at work,
Maybe whit the Mouse so I will not make the Pyra unclean
GL4ES is now working, i have still to deal whit the Alsa Settings to avoid the Audio Issue, maybe whe need a Guid from the Official Software Peaple how to set the Settings right.. , Low Power Mode is still not implement, allthough you can change the Clockspeed to quite Low and deactivate Display and Keyboard Light when you leave the Pyra for a few Minutes or so..
Whe also have now Box86 running, but i ditnt had the motivation to read me in this topic on the long weekend so there is no Video from me..

At least my Unit still got some contact issues some times, might be i have to improve the padding in the batterie Compartment, its a bit anoying when you put back the Stylus and the Unit shuts down..
but this Unit is from January 2021..

HDMI Out works on the Hardware Side, but still not on the Software Side, this would need some work

I ditnt test the 4G Modem yet, as i ditnt want to open up my Iphone "Panzercase" that often, i found it more usefull to just use the "Mobile Accespoint" Option..

At least for my needs, there a most Emulators allready there, i just need a working C64 Emu as the Emulator from the Emu EX Pack says it lacks Printers.. , also i would be happy when whe also had a Amiga Emulator, as the Pandora was ment to be a Portable Amiga and so the Pyra also should, there is a cool Giana Sisters Rom Hack whit the Sprites from the DS Game..

The "Heavy" Emulators from the Beginning also need some improvement: the Playstation still have no Dual Shock Support, which would be usefull for Fighter Jet Games, and N64 is still a bit slow

Its quite Usefull that whe now have the whole Debian ARM Library, so the Software Base for productive tasks is allready good..
Yes, it will be used in future batches of the Pyra. So there won't be an US / EU version available anymore, only Standard and 4G :)
Great! That should make assembly much easier for you! Is it the Quectel EG25-G?