Darts V 0.3


Boris Johnson: Cuddly Conservative
Dec 27, 2003
Stoke-On-Trent UK
GpDarts is an amazing game. When you first load it up (with it's own wind-up's icon) you can see how professionally put together it is. Photograph flick in the background, and some incredibily funky muisic plays. You then choose the players and the game, (301, 501, 601) etc.

The way you can control the darts is fantastic, especially considering how difficult is is to often implant. It's not like pool or football games, where control can be directly given to the player. The way it works is with a "shaky hand system" where it seems the longer you wait to throw the dart the more nervous you become, so the harder it is to aim.

The game's presentation is flawless, with great graphics and some excellent commentary. There are no bugs that I have noticed in this version, and will stay on my SMC for a long time. It's better than alot of commercial games for the GP.

The only thing really lacking is a tournement mode, or speed darts/round the world. A online ranking would be the icing on the cake.

Oh....and we want Bullseye, the game show! Sign here.
Its a Great Game :D

only thing I hate is when you are left with 1 (And you need a double) and you cant finish the game, it doesnt say anything like you loose :(...

A Great thing for V0.4 release would be when you get 180 the guy should go "OONNEEE HUNNDREDD ANDDDD EIGHTYYYY" like on the TV :D maybe record the actual guy that says "180" off the TV :D

I give the game 8/10.. for 10/10 It would have to have a feature that you can play against the computer (which I think V0.4 will have...) :D
To finish the game if you have a score of 1 you need to get a bullseye.

Glad you like the game and all the good feedback its getting, its definately going alot towards motivating me to do version 4. A small bugfix release will be out today which fixes a small but important bug when trying to score a few treble numbers.
I got my first gp32 today the blu version and I thought I would have spent all morning playing doom or the likes,But no after installing this little game I have forgot about them and spent the last 2 hours playing darts.

Great game Im hooked.Keep up the good work and I hope to see a new version some time in the future. :)
glad you like the game, i never thought it would be as popular as it was when i released the first version a long time ago. when i get some spare time I will make a update version which fixes some little bugs, nothing major but people keep emailing me to fix them :)
where can i download the latest version i cant seem to find a working link :(