Differences Between Normal And 166 Version


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Nov 18, 2004
Hello there, I'm a complete n00b in the GP32 area, which is looking into buying one, and I would like to know what are the differences between the normal gamepark version and the 166 one that you can buy at GBAX.

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(to note that english is not my native language and that I'm sorry for any mistakes in my post)
Many emulators can overclock the gp32_console CPU to run @166mhz and in some cases, even higher. This of course, makes for a faster running EMU, but at the expense of shorter battery life. :D
The 166mhz version goes to 166 mhz.....
whereas a normal one just has the chance to go 166mhz or higher, but is not guaranteed to do so.

166= guaranteed to run at at least 166mhz
normal=guaranteed to run at at least 133mhz.

Overclocking (generally expressed as going beyond 133mhz, although this is not technically correct) is important. Do some research by using the boards search function before making a decision.
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normal gp32's are only garenteed to
go up to 133 MHz but With 166 MHz
many different emulators and programs can
run better. Although the higher the clockspeed
the program is running at then the faster the batteries
die but the better the game runs.

in GPDoom when clocked at 40 MHz you get
- 30 Frames per second but later levels may be unplayable
- 12 - 14 hours battery life
- bad sound
at 99 MHz:
- Doom and Doom 2 will run OK w/ High Res and Music
- 8 - 9 hours battery life
at 133 MHz:
-Doom and Doom 2 run pretty much perfect
- only 6 - 7 hours battery life
at 166 MHz:
-Doom and Doom 2 easily run perfect and so do most mods (all that i've tried)
- about or less than 6 hours of battery life.

I have a 166 MHz Blu from gp32z.com and without running at 166
a lot of SNES games aren't very playable and are wothout sound.
but at 166 MHz I've gotten them to run with sound at frameskip 4

hope that helps you any! :)
A lot of gp32's can overclock to 166mhz, not very special, but if you want to be sure that your gp can overclock that high get a guaranteed one. (I have a flu wich goes to 154 mhz)
If you buy a GP32 from somewhere other than GBAX, there is a chance that it will overclock at 166mhz anyway. Some say it's around 50-50. I got mine from LikSang and it runs 166 no problem. You take your chances. I needed mine quickly for a trip so I couldn't wait for it to arrive from the UK -- with more time I probably would have got the guaranteed version (it does make a big difference in some emulators).

If you're in the UK, definitely go with Craig's GBAX 166mhz though.
Gp32z's and GBAX's Gp32's are both modded to 166mhz by
ConsoleFix.co.uk (I think) so the quality shouldn't be any different.
Choose which is nearest to you. Gp32z is in the US and GBAX is in England.
Depending on how handy you are with a soldering iron you could always end up volt-modding it yourself too. I ordered 2 GPs from liksang for me and a friend, unmodded mine goes to 160 (or 163 or something, just not 166), and his to 166, but we'll be modding em eventually.
I must say though, for now, there's so much to do that doesn't require 166 that I'm not in a big hurry.

Note, cos I don't think anyone said it in this thread yet, liksang may say 166 mhz in their adds, but for them it's nothing but a marketing ploy. Their GP's are unmodded and are not guaranteed to go over 133. Look towards gbax/gp32z for guaranteed 166 mhz ones.
I'd like to thank you all for the answers. I'll probably go for the gbax modded one. Does anyone know if they ship quickly to other countries in Europe?

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