Drastic forum topic?


Oct 27, 2010
Title says it all really - what happened to the topic in software news about Drastic? Am I being dumb, because I can't find it!
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At first I thought it was because Drastic has it's own forum now so the thread was no longer needed, but in that case why not just lock the thread?
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And exactly that's why some topics disappear. :D

Anything else lost?

Did anyone notice any other missing topic?
Regular Mods can't permanently delete any topic or well any post for that matter, when Mods delete anything it end up in a removed content section and still could be restored it if need be.. however I don't see the Drastic thread there... so not sure what is up.. I think EvilDragon needs to step in.

Edit: wait I see it, a certain Mod from down under, accidentally merged the Drastic thread with the "Drastic cheats are not working" thread instead of the other way around..  I'll rename it, I'm not sure if I can restore it to the original thread ID.
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No need to worry.

Even if EvilDragon has deleted it by accident there should still be some older backup of the forum on his server AFAIK.
^ Well I figured it out as you can see from my edit.

Looks like it was merged with a different thread.
Huh. It's probably hiding under the bed. I'll search it later.

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