Ethereum lost password

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Sep 7, 2010
Hi all,

In august 2016 I bought a few ethers just for fun and stored them on my PC. Didn't worry about them too much but since then they have increased in price quite a bit and I recently thought about checking it again.
Unfortunately I've lost my password. I think it is a combination of a word in a Dutch or English dictionary with some additional characters and probably started with a capital. Something like "Dolphin£1" (dolphin being a word from the dictionary and the 1 could be a 2, 3...
I might also have doubled the words so - "dolphin1dolphin" or "dolphin1*dolphin"
Quite a few combinations possible but I hope not impossible to crack for someone.

I know there are sites or persons that assist for a certain percentage of the restored ethers but not sure if I can trust those services.

The technical details of ethereum are also quite confusing to me.

I still have a ~/.ethereum directory on my harddisk and according to that should be enough to back up your wallet.
They also warn you not to forget your password... yeah I know...

Luckily I am not the first (and certainly no the last ;) ) with this problem, so there are some tools

That only seems to work for v1 json files - but I don' t even see any json file in my .ethereum directory so I have no idea what is the v1,2 or 3.

Any suggestion what is the best approach to safely crack the password? What file is the json file pyethrecover is referring to?
Hope there is someone on the board with some ethereum experience that can shed some light on this problem :)
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