Still Fresh
Nov 18, 2003

i have ported a new game from gp32, it's falldown, was made by Rov.



go to my webpage to download pc version or gp2x version :)

bye :D
Glad to have another fun port, makes me miss my old gp32 less and less.
fun game :D but it may make it easier to play if you made L and R also right and left cool port though
in the next version, add L & R to move, diagonal Left/down and Right/down to move.

and fix the difficulty , maybe a progressiv difficulty :)
The music sound like there is a glithc when the song is finished and restart. The volume was reseted to max at game over when I entered my name but return to normal when returning to the title screen.
Great game, and I agree with what has been said.

A progressive difficulty would be lovely and controlling via L and R would be too :) - I hope there may be another version that could include these, other than that, great :)
Nice game, but there is a sound glitch, or every 15 points it makes a gargled sound that scares the hell out of me, as its silence, then gagsfbdbd then silece, etc...

new version of falldown, version 01 :)

-- Add L R Left/down Right/Down to move.
-- Fix bug with volume.
-- Added progressive difficulty

My Webpage
there is still a problem with the music where it sounds all messed up and annoying for periods of time.

I would also like to see some options at the beginning like how fast everything goes and would like to see the progressive difficulty really get more difficult.