Falldown For Wiz


Aug 24, 2005
I ported my GP2X Falldown game to the Wiz :) The aim is to keep the ball from reaching the top of the screen by guiding it through the openings as it falls down. Many thanks go to TymPanic Productions for the killer music.

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Nice one Alex! I really enjoyed the GP2X version, can't wait to play this with a dpad :D
Falldown is too awesome for any platform to escape it! I first played it on the TI-86, couldn't resist not making a version myself :)

I toyed with a versus-AI mode about one year ago, with the screen split in half vertically (you would have had to outlast the AI ball to win). Now I'm thinking about having both the player and the cpu play on the same field, with the ability to jump and bump into each other, maybe this would be a nice multiplayer idea.