Flash Files On Gp32?


Dec 27, 2003
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Does anybody know of any free software where you can convert Macromedia Flash files (.swf) to a file that can be used on v-dub?
PinkSpider posted on May 26 2004 at 09:10 PM said:
Dozer posted on May 26 2004 at 10:09 PM said:
Yawns. Do I look like a n00b, only things I found didnt work.

Didnt put freeware in tho lol
Sorry, wasnt tryin to sound condescending, that guide should be ok anyway i think B).
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The reason I gave no link is that it sucks. And I don't remeber the link :p I have some program here that converts swf to avi. It converted "hate.swf" from newgrounds (about 10 seconds long I estimate) into an avi that was more than 1 GB big. Search me how the thing accomplished it.

If you google for swf2avi, you will find a program that also sucks, but not as hard ;) It is a little more usable - the only problems I had with it is
a) uncompressed files, even if I chose compression and
B) it does not stop at the end of the file and just keeps on adding the last frame to the video until you run out of disk space.

Google a little and will find some stuff. Try them out for yourself.
winmpg will convert a swf file stright to Avi but its a 30 day demo
Dont remember the page but its on a few p2p networks ;)