SWF Flash source code is available!!!


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Sep 29, 2003
Here is some notes from the macromedia homepage

What is the difference between Macromedia Flash Player source code SDK and the Macromedia Flash file format (SWF) Specification?
The Macromedia Flash Player source code Specification makes it easy for a developer to port the Macromedia Flash Player to any platform or application. The Macromedia Flash file format (SWF) Specification documents the Macromedia Flash file format (SWF) and how to write Macromedia Flash 6 (SWF) files.

Where do I find information about Macromedia Flash Player source code licensing?
Those interested in commercial licensing the Macromedia Flash Player 6 source code can find out more about our program here.

They do have code for embedded systems (think gp32).
The Macromedia Flash Player 6 Source Code SDK includes:

· Macromedia Flash Player 6 source code to accelerate portability

· Reference implementations for Windows 32 ActiveX, Windows CE .NET (4.1) ActiveX, Windows CE 3.0 for Pocket PC 2002 ActiveX and standalone, Linux Mozilla plugin and Linux standalone.
· Documentation
· Acceptance Test Suite

· Technical support
And one last reference for good measure.


What do people think?
I remember there was a lot of talk about this earlier.
Several people didn't think the source code was available.

The size of swf is very small. Ive seen 5 minute cartoons fit in under a meg easily. People could carry full cartoons series from flash sites, or those cool movie flash trailers, and still have room for doom and rott.
Why would an amateur developer want to pay Macromedia for the privilege of getting the SWF SDK and building a GP32 player? :eek:

From memory all there licensing is based on your total estimated shipments and turnover :(, things like that. I don't think you can get it for nothing :D. The last handheld I saw with Flash on it was the PoGo mobile phone.

The other sites mentioned offer no possible avenues for the source to use as the basis of a port (or indeed any non-Macromedia SWF viewers) that I could find.

If somebody finds open source for a player (and not broken links or binaries with no source) then please post here as I for one would love to look into it.
oh strong bad is the greatest but how does he type with those damn gloves !

Guess it's just one of those things he's had years of experience with.. :)

Back to the subject, I think the source code of Flash Player by Macromedia should be free. We all want a Flash Player for GP32.. watching the Perfect Kirby series on the small screen would be brill! (Oh, and incase you dont know, search newgrounds.com for the Perfect Kirby episodes.. great for Kirby and Perfect Dark fans alike! :D)
Im using a freeware flash to avi convertor for now.

Can people list a few more cool flash episodes and their sites.
If there is enough interest, I will open a site.
Most of my interst is strongbad, but I would rather not host too many of these episodes.

Please post good flash episodes and their sites and I will get cracking.
Sorry, almost double posted, stupid opera (i still love it though.)

So far...
perfect dark
mth411 posted on Sep 30 2003 at 03:39 PM said:
Sorry, almost double posted, stupid opera (i still love it though.)

So far...
perfect dark
I think you misread what I posted. Perfect Kirby is a flash cartoon series that is about Kirby being a secret agent, like Joana Dark from PD. There isnt any proper seperate Perfect Dark flash movies (not any that I heard of anyway)

Perfect Kirby only has two episodes, episode 1 spanning over 3 seperate flash movies, numbered (in order): 1.1, 1.2, 1.3.... episode 2 is simply, well, episode 2.

A small note, there are some parts you need to click on to proceed to playing some sections. All movies use a preloader and have a "Play" button that must be clicked when movie is fully loaded, so you'll have to somehow skip that when converting to avi (unless the avi convertor actually allows you to control the flash while you're recording it to avi). There are funny out-takes at the end of episode 2 as well (again needs clicking on a button), so check them out too :D

More recommendations also from newgrounds:
The Mushroom Kingdom episodes 1 and 2 (i havent saw 2 yet but i have watched 1 before)
The Return of Ganondorf
SSBM: Sonic vs. Mario parts 1 and 2 (i personally thought they were good to watch but i dunno about anyone else)

Another recommendation, from Videogame Parodies (i cant remember the url, so search it up on google):
Sonic vs. Mario (has multiple endings to choose from)

If you'd rather take Home Star Runner requests to settle the "which ones to choose from.." issue, then here's a few of my requests:
Everybody to the Limit (Toons, shorts)
20X6 vs 1936 (Toons, shorts)
"Funny" (Strong Bad emails)
"Sibbie" (Strong Bad emails)

Thanx :)
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