Free Minecraft soon for Raspberry Pi!

Just to confirm, before this becomes official, more people than Notch have got a Pandora. No one sent Notches Pandora early and he didn't jump the queue.
I would hope not . The way he broke the screen on the first day . Being a PREORDER person ... Ugh facepalm . Don't worry I don't think he was as famous back then , so I don't think any half reasonable person would accuse you of that . except for Mabey ZXDunny ;)/>
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Bump? I'd like to see someone take a crack at that pre-release.

EDIT: Actually, the full release should be out sometime this month, so probably just wait for that...
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How come the Pi got a port then ? ( I will buy a Pi eventually so I can make a MAME cabinet though ) but overall the Pandora is just ... Bosser . Plus it has gaming controls ... A huge Plus . In fact the Physical controls are what sold me .
The price is the reason. Plus, it has more GPIO, meaning there's more PHUN to be had with it! Potentially complex robot processing and other cool stuff too!
Well yes , but you could also use a bare pandora pcb to do that couldn't you ? It would be pricer but you could couldn't you ?
We have alot of "porters" here I'm sure it's just a matter of time. The question is more, how good is this Raspberry version of Minecraft actualy? Did someone here had some deeper experience with this version?
Played it on my friend's RaPi. Is basically pocket edition with mouse and keyboard support, plus the ability to excecute commands via a terminal session (or possibly SSH from your phone if you perfer fullscreen play)