Game recommendation for travel with my 2 daughters


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Feb 19, 2010
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Flying to England tomorrow with my 2 daughters (9 & 11).

Flight is about 1,5 hours en we'll have a 2,5 hour train ride. Plus waiting. So a good 6-7 hours to kill.

Do you have any recommendations for games that will help us through that time?

I'm thinking either something we can cooperate on, something we can play against each other hot seat style or just a simple old fashioned who gets the highest score (although that's always me and they get very frustrated :D)

Looking forward to your recommendations!
@Timstertoo ... I'm sure this isn't Pyra related as it's not out yet, is it Pandora or other? I will move this thread to the Pandora section if it's Pandora related, otherwise stick it in offtopic.
If Exophase's Drastic emulator allow it Super Mario Bros DS, or even Mario kart DS can be played with two players.

I don't know if you can play with two different android handled or if you have to hook up the first one to the second one to use it as a gamepad.
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Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego

at abandonware. It is a DOS game. You learn geography and a bit about certain countries, and you technically CAN play it together, if you develop the clues together.
Unfortunately, it does have password protection if you want to level up (not needed),

View a movie or listen to new music album
also: rip a DVD to lowres video and view it with VLC or another movie player.

And important!!! buy these stereojack duplicators, for 2 to listen to the music (or they will have to share each one ear of the earphone).

Or download a Harry Potter Fanfic (Timely Errors), use wine and balabolka to convert it to an audiobook. In the sapi5 you will need \Vol=32768\ as the first line of the txt file to set the volume (under windows it just works)
Balabolka ships with no TTS, install also Speakonia for a quick set of TTS's
or search for SAPI SDK Mary Isabella on the web,
A reliable link:
A less reliable link: and use the
On DS (not sure if pandora can run them):
Sonic Collection
Yoshi Island DS
Mr. Driller

On Pandora:
not tetris
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You have access to only 1 console to pass from hand to hand ? That console is a Pandora ?

If so, maybe a golf game ? You can compete for the best player in a tournament. There is one on the game boy, and one on the Neo Geo (Neo turf masters).

Try to pick a game you know you suck at. So your daughters won't feel frustrated :p
Any of the Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Games for DS...There are a ton of them and you can collectively decide what to investigate/object to.

Although murder investigations might be a bit much due to their age...
Mr Do. 2 player. Winner stays on? Or 1 player,change players when losing a life? Same goes for C64 boulderdash or GDash (available on the repo I think).

Or a how about Reword, a really great (if a bit hard) word puzzle game. With 3 people looking at the screen, you'll probably do better than single-player.
Probably too late now, but I still love the original Game Boy version of Tetris, and I can easily lose hours if I start playing it. Others are fun too, but the more modern ones, with all the extra features, don't work as well for me. Other old ones are also ok, but the GB one gets my vote.

I can think of a handful of other GB games (and a bunch of others until around turn of the millennium) I just don't know what appeals to kids today, and what is "acceptable" (I played a lot of games parents weren't to happy with back at that age). Maybe the Commander Keen games, and trade off every so often. Oh, something like Scorched Earth should be fun for a bit.

Had I seen this earlier I could have thought about it a bit more and had a better list.
[doublepost=1456228036,1456227968][/doublepost]Bomberman, trade off once in a while.