Game & Watch Emu


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Jun 22, 2011
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Hi guys,

I don't know if it exists.., but it would be nice to have a Game & Watch Emu. I guess mb there are no roms for this coz this games are primitive and had like drawings on the screen... but well. I thought it would be nice to have something like that.



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I've found and emu for this on the spanish site for the Wiz. It doesn't work using Ginge and it would be REALLY COOL if u ported this to the Caanoo. Actually, they posted the source code there :D

i already ported hitnruns game & watch simulator (based on madrigals) but i did not release it yet. Emulator don't really exist for game & watch simulators do. If someone feels like doing a menu bar for it i can release it since that's the only thing it's missing and i don't like creating those images & such
if you make it and upload to imageshack or something similar i can probably do the release tonight, only have to make the ini file then, i believe it already had the smaller image for the explorer icon on the default menu, but if you want you can make such icon as well and i use that one.

The reason i did not release yet, is because it's kinda like an hassle, having to create readme's (which is not really needed in this case), having to create gfx for the default gph menu, having to create ini files for the default menu, having to upload it to the archive, make a news post about and with my own stuff do all the same things again for my own website. It takes me like half an hour to do all of the above and the port did not take even that long. well it did with testing and stuff.

About hitnrun's port of madrigal's game & watch simulators, it doesn't contain every game from madrigal only a select few and most of them use the same system like all seem to be a variant somehow of the "egg's" game & watch game. i think the full port of all simulators was never finished. but it's better then nothing :)

Also certain consoles / handhelds had game&watch reimplementations of older games might wanna look those up.